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Equipped with multiple software-selectable fuel and ignition. ACCEL/DFI GENERATION 7+ PROGRAMMABLE. Test sample rate = 20 samples/second).

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. Your new ACCEL Fuel Pump is only one component part of your automobile’s complete fuel system. You must ensure the complete Note: Flow tests are done in a test lab. Length, inner diameter of.

Accel Dfi Thruster Efi

Pump Specifications ACCEL IGNITION www.accel-ignition.com. Please note the location of the vapor-purge port for your model pump, as shown below. During installation, be certain to check for and eliminate any blockage or restrictions to this port. Failure to do so may result in slow or no priming and may damage your ACCEL pump due to dry run.

Accel Dfi Thruster Instructions

THRUSTER 500 In-tank Pumps have a 2 year Limited Warranty. Approval to do so. If such approval is obtained, the defective part and proof of purchase should be sent, postage prepaid, to ACCEL WHO IS COVERED: Performance Group at the above address for warranty consideration.