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  1. Amicus Attorney Practice Management System. Amicus Attorney Practice Management System is developed by Gavel & Gown Software who has been providing legal software.
  2. Learn about Amicus Attorney Legal Software. Compare reviews to other legal software on SoftwareInsider. See specs, product screenshots, and videos.

Learn about Amicus Attorney Legal Software. Compare reviews to other legal software on SoftwareInsider. See specs, product screenshots, and videos.

Pros: I like the overall software. However, for the cost, the accounting side is lacking, and the tech support is horrible. For the price of this software, I expect more.

Cons: The cost and the tech support. If you are going to double the cost of the software, you should at least have good tech support.

The last couple of times I have called in I was told my issue needed advanced technical support. I have still not had a call back, even though I was promised a call back in 24 hours. I have had to hire an outside consultant at my expense to fix this problem. I have difficulty justifying paying a monthly subscription fee for this horrible support. I would love an answer to this, but when I ask on tech support calls they have no response. Pros: TIME & MATTER MANAGEMENT: Timers and time entries are pretty simple.

Knowing all people involved in a matter all in one place; engineers, judges, etc. Is a great feature. Adding emails to a file is a good idea but time-consuming. Having all the data for a client in one place is good. BILLING: I like that the Billing and Attorney sides are separate. Billing and accepting payments works quite well. Amicus can do split billing which is important to us.

The interface with Quickbooks is quirky but after 1.7 years of working with it we've figured out most of the issues and found workarounds. Reports can be downloaded to Excel which is vital to my managing the firm. Cons: CONS: The end-user learning curve is huge and not intuitive which has led to a lot of attorneys entering time and not using Amicus for anything else. Text onscreen is exceptionally small, and for most users, problematic. The interface is not intuitive and takes a lot of trial and error to find the best ways to find what you want or report on the issue. We were lead to believe that the document management interface would work for us, but upon trial found out it would not work with our setup. So we're still dealing with Microsoft Explorer for managing documents, which is problematic.

Overall our approval level with Amicus is likely only around 50%. There are so many features that we liked in the concept that has been difficult to get attorneys to do because the interface is not user-friendly.

TIME & MATTER MANAGEMENT: Data for our conflict database did not translate well from our previous system so conflicts checks take too long. Adding emails or files to the matter is very clunky. Ticklers are quirky and hard to work in Outlook. Tickler Reports are too limited events with no date range, or date range but no file selection. Running tickers for only one matter is impossible. Need more filters. BILLING: Reports downloaded to Excel are impossible to use due to all the merged fields and lack of use of tables.

We have to download Reports to CSV and spend time figuring out what the column headers actually are. I use the selection tools to view onscreen matters or time entries. Pros: The concept behind the software is good in terms of its functions and cross-platform integration and that it provides opportunities for optimizing file management and project management efficiency. Cons: The execution of the product offering is not good and desperately requires updating. Quite simply it is not robust, stable and easy to work with. In addition the GUI is so antiquated as to almost be laughable. Overall: Amicus Attorney Premium is functional for us, but barely so.

But for the fact that there are few viable off-the-shelf alternatives and the high costs of changing, our firm would almost certainly have switched. Pros: Centralization of documents, email, phone calls etc. It is extremely valuable when more than one lawyer is working on the file. Cons: Issues with PCLAW link. Not happy with customer support. They do not seem to be able to assist with some issues and do not call back when they say they will. We still have unresolved issues.

The software was purchased in November, installed at the end of December, and we still have problems. We want to get the issues resolved before we being with the training of new users. Therefore we are frustrated with the delays as the new users are still not using the software, even though I am paying for them. Overall: Still waiting to assess. Pros: Amicus makes it easy to keep all my information in one place, and to make that information accessible remotely through the portal, and through synchronization with my smart devices. Cons: I was disappointed when the court rule support was dropped out a couple years ago, but I look forward to its return (in my state) in the near future.

The court rules were, when I selected Amicus from a then-smaller pool of CMS candidates, the most distinguishing and beneficial feature to me, as I have a poor sense of time, and it relieved me of much worry about deadlines and due dates. Overall: Time Savings Consistency Ubiquity Organization Institutional Memory. Pros: I am able to use precedents to ensure no missed billing opportunities from events or tasks associated therewith. The forms and 'Do' buttons make it even easier to maximize return on effort. Cons: Crashes more than I'd like. There are constantly phantom tasks that repeat with a category of 'meeting' for the newly created duplicate tasks. I cannot seem to keep all tasks in Amicus synched with my tasks in Outlook when they should be complete duplicates of each other.

It's frustrating, but suspect it has to do with the duplicate tasks. Overall: Easy billing, easy task and event addition with precedents, streamlining processes, effective & efficient if used correctly. The best feature is it allows me to have everything remain on my desktop and not in the cloud as I have a small practice that needs all the info protection it can get and not putting it on the net limits the opportunities for hacking. To me, it also allows more control over info flow to clients.

Pros: Amicus integrates your calendar, contacts, email, phone calls and matters and reminds you to create docket entries for all appointments, emails, calls, documents, etc. The beauty and economic benefit of the software is that it helps you to capture your time and to keep you organized. Over the years, Amicus has added things like Amicus mobile (which allows you to access features from your mobile device or any web browser) and a client portal (which allows you to permit clients to access certain information). I have always considered the most important element of the software to be the communications module.

If you turn on email integration and make notes of all of your calls using the software, you can quickly review what has been happening in a case by turning to the communications module. You won't forget to docket your time for all those communications. Cons: While many other features have been added, the developers have not made material improvements to the communications module since email integration was added in about 2001. Obvious improvements have been needed since then.


For instance, you cannot access scanned or faxed letters from the communications module. These can be added and viewed in the documents module and in a chronology module (added in about 2015), but neither option is not ideal. Flipping through communications should be as easy as flipping the pages of a paper file, but it's not. It is the organizational equivalent of having one file folder with your emails and phone calls, and another file folder with your faxes and letters.

You have to flip from one folder to the other to view each. Also, you should be able to filter communications. For instance, you should be able to display only client communications, or only counsel communications, but you can't (even though there is a field for role on file for each contact attached to a file). The chronology module will put everything including all communications and documents (including letters and faxes) in chronological order, but you can't filter the chronology to show only communications (it will also show every document, docket, calendar appointment, etc.). I have looked at alternative practice management software several times over the years and haven't seen one that I am adequately attracted to want to make what would be a painful change.

Pros: I've used the program for 15 - 20 years. Changes have sometimes been challenging but all has been for the better. Support has always been quality and faster access is making it even better. Cons: There are always a few things that could be better on this program as on any other. I've just been working with the library and found that to be cumbersome.


I'm not sure I understand the document saving - I save my Word documents and use File Explorer to manage the libraries I've set up there. I don't understand how coordinating these with or putting these into the Amicus Library is beneficial.

It looks like putting them into Amicus doubles up my save process. Pros: I like that we can store information on the Notepad section for each individual client. I also like that you can send 'instant' messages to co-workers.

Cons: The software times out after awhile and I have to close the entire program and reboot it. Also, when I'm in the calendar and look at a date in the future if I reopen the calendar it does not default back to the current date. Overall: Saves us time because that is where we store contact information, client updates on the case and calendar appointments for clients. Pros: Keeps records of everything through one program.

All my correspondence/ communication, contact info, file info, documents, timekeeping, calendar, etc. Is tracked through Amicus. It's like a 'one-stop-shop' deal.

Cons: I try to keep the People (contact list) cleaned up, i.e. Consolidate multiples or delete them. My People section looks fine after I 'clean up' but no one else's is, because, each User has their own module/domain. Just wish that when I make those types of changes it would be effective for every User.

Pros: I actually look forward to pulling up the program (it reminds me of the best secretary/paralegal I have ever had). Everything is at hand, and connected to anything I need to do, whatever task is immediately at hand. It is flexible enough to accommodate interruptions in work, and powerful enough to take on every task I need to perform. When I was practicing full-time, my overhead was 30% while generally in the profession 40% to 60% was considered normal. My billing hours went up dramatically, and my family time increased commensurately. The tech support has alway been terrific.

I had been practicing for several years before the personal computer was introduced, and I am not a computer wiz. When I needed tech support they were always on time and always fast and effective in sorting whatever I needed.

The online tutorials are also terrific - clear and easy to follow; allowed me to use advanced features initially beyond my ability. This is a great program backed by a solid company with real integrity. I is always a pleasure to do business with them. Cons: Paying for it, of course. Worth the money, though in increased billing hours and increased time with my family. Several years ago there was an separate accounting add-on, which I used and did not like at all. I am not sophisticated in accounting principles or software.

Tech support was good, but I ended up doing it the old fashioned way (hired someone). Pros: It keeps a large database where each client's information, files, and communications are accessible. Cons: Not very user friendly. Lots of blank space and small text - why not make the text larger??

Many simple user-friendly features could be added, but they seem to always be playing catch-up with other problems they are not able to fix. Updates containing fixes are often promised, but not forthcoming. They would rather sell the next 'Upgrade' product than fix the current release. The Quality Control department has no incentive to fix things.

Customer Service is really awful. A government bureaucracy might be the only customer service department that is worse than Amicus. Pros: The software is highly organized. I know where all my main functions/features are and they're fairly easy to use and understand.

Cons: We don't use most of the higher functions of Amicus because they are so difficult to learn to work with and it costs a small fortune for training, not to mention the time it takes. We don't use documents or communications for this reason. Billing can be a pain if I want to break something down a different way. Reports are not easy to generate and don't seem to have the functionality I would like. Overall: ability to track what we do and calendar hearings ability to generate a bill that I can modify for the client. Pros: We use this software everyday and relay on it predominately for scheduling and file upkeep. We love the ability to log phone calls, share notes and the ability to quickly access important data about the case.

I personally also love all the functions and options we have within the software. Cons: Customer service always makes us feel like we're bothering them, frequently ignores our input or opinions. I often feel like they're talking down to me - even if I show them that something unusual is happening, they act like I'm over reacting and I should just deal with it. Its very frustrating and makes me feel like I should change services to a company that wants to have my patronage Overall: Calendar, file maintenance. Easy access to electronic file.

Easy note-taking and tracking. Pros: Has the capacity to store and sort a ton of information. I like the calendaring, file integration, and ability to keep track of contacts. The ability to save emails to a particular file instead of trying to retrieve them from Outlook is very helpful. Cons: It crashes too often. It was a bear to set up for a one-attorney shop.

It's inconsistent in its own protocols. For example, it says we're supposed to assign one Client ID per client and use that ID for each file, but half the time, it says we can't use the client ID because it's already in use. It doesn't recognize client's email addresses on receipt, and when I go to link an email to a contact already on the list, it gives me a message saying that there are duplicate entries for the email. The same message says to use some sort of command to clean up duplicates, but for the life of me, I can't find where the function exists. The lack of any paper manual is very frustrating.

Overall: I was able to keep my data from my old version of Amicus, but the new one is much more horsepower than I need for a solo practice. Pros: the Amicus anywhere and the ease of use for first time employees. The Amicus anywhere is not quite phone/table mobile but i expect it will become available Cons: We do not, rather hate, the forced use of Client ID and Matter ID numbers. We have returning clients with different issues and the Client ID / Matter ID get linked together and the only common issue is the Client name. We do not use Client ID or Matter ID #'s. We wish there is a way to opt out of use or make the ID line as information only.

This would be selected as a check box in Setup of a file for a client? Overall: Time tracking, Conflict Checks, interface with QuickBooks. Pros: Amicus products offer what competitors don't, or where features are shared, Amicus offers the most user friendly and direct way of accessing the functionality that counsel and staff need on a daily basis to manage a practice - from a few files and one lawyer all the way up through busy firms. Cons: While Amicus has clearly invested a great deal of effort into UX and has improved its usability by leaps and bounds over time, it, like its market segment competitors, lacks the smooth workflow you might otherwise be accustomed to in more mainstream software titles from the likes of Microsoft, Google, Adobe etc. Pros: Love the calendar, file organization, communication centre and time sheets. The overall layout of the file folder is great and the customization of each file type and Document Groups is a great feature. Cons: Not a fan of the document feature.

If you don't file the document in the system on the day you are working on the document then the date is the date when the document is entered. There is no option to change the date.

Overall: This software keeps me organized and on top of my daily work product and time sheets. Pros: It allows the members of my office to act as wild ducks flying more or less in formation, i.e. It provides a common path for all of us to stay organized and communicate regarding information in our system. Cons: I would switch to CLIO if I did not have so much data that would need to be replicated. (History creates inertia.)CLIO has so many good features and provides such good training I don't like Microsoft exchange and several features require Microsoft exchange. I don't like it that the process of exiting the software changed in the last upgrade - I have been using the software for 20+ years and suddenly the way of minimizing the program has become the way of closing the program -,my muscle memory tells me to do it one way and some bright techie has decided that what I have been taught through year of use is no longer correct.

I don't like it that there is no free training module for users we bring onto the team. Booking a private training is too pricey. Tech support is spotty. Sometimes you get a poor techie who cannot help with the problem- in such cases we call in again and hope we get a good techie (we frequently get someone on the 2nd or 3rd call who can solve our problem. Upgrades are buggy and it takes several patches to get things right. Abacus has an immigration module that is not available for Amicus.

I get way too many sales calls and e-mails for Abacus Cloud. I am not paying the company to be a marketing prospect. Pros: I like the overall management capabilities and ability to keep track of time and bill.

Although I have not used it yet, I like the client portal idea and ability to accept payments. Cons: The email system is inconsistent. Sometimes, cutting and pasting into a message will disrupt the formatting of the email and often times, different fonts are used in the final message even though the message you are writing - those inconsistencies do not show up. Oftentimes, the server is slow and cannot send the message or loses the message and you have to start all over - this is the worst. I often have to reload Amicus because it gets 'stuck' on a page and cannot move forward. I wish the phone app was more functional.

Pros: Works well for what I need it to do. I can keep track of time and clients, it sends out reminders and helps me stay on top of what I am doing. Even though the program works, I am not happy with the service. Cons: Company sold me on the 2016 small firm update, then cancelled the software a few months later and went to a cloud format only. I don't need that format and the company has stopped supporting the 2016 version. I have a problem I can't fix and they won't back up their product. They knew they were going to the cloud only, yet still sold me on an update I would not have support for.

Now I am stuck with a program that I need assistance on, and no one will help. I feel abandoned by them.

I bought the program because they worked with Apple, then they stopped doing that and forced me to buy a Parallels program just to keep using Amicus. If I had to do it all over again, I would not purchase Amicus. The support is terrible. Pros: links to calendar and people easily, Sorts alphabetically and by matter number so you can easily find a file. I am the one along with another co-worker, who opens the original file. I like that it doesn't take long to set up a new file.

I like how you can see many options, such as time spent, rate, AR, Trust, people associated etc. Cons: not easy to fix mistakes, even as an administrator.

Can't close some files and don't know why because it says user name and ID are already taken. Support isn't great. When we have tried to get an answer, can't get anyone on the line right away, no follow up except email, which is exactly the same as I looked up in help topics and didn't work Overall: files database.

Pros: Program is easy to use. Has features fitted for its intended purpose. If it worked, I'd really like it Cons: simply put, it doesn't work half of the time. If you want to spend billable hours watching the status bar spin, and spin, and spin, this is the program for you!

If you enjoy sitting on hold for hours, waiting for support staff to answer, then finally tell you that there is a glitch in the system, but they'll have it up and running in no time, this is definitely the program you want. Conversely, if you want to work on a consistent basis with a program and works as hard as you do, better pass. Overall: It works great, on the rare occasions it actually works. Pros: I have used Amicus Online for several years for my small firm and it was an excellent program with a lot of features, especially for an online PM software. It has an evergreen retainer option, truly integrated email, good document assembly, unbilled time finder, unlimited custom fields, works with Lawpay, easy to use, nice interface.

Document assembly, automated workflow, lots of reports. Pretty much everything I want in a practice management software. Cons: Once Abacus purchased Amicus Online in June 2016 things began changing for the worse. Now I have constant problems, at times it takes 3-4 attempts to do a simple time entry. Sometimes I can't add things to my calendar because when I try the hourglass just keeps spinning. Sometimes the action buttons disappear (for example the close and add button when adding a task) and I literally have to restart the entire program multiple times because I am stuck on the add task screen. Today I can read my emails but when I try to respond to an email nothing happens.

These are just a few of the issues I have had. These problems crop up regularly and randomly. When I call the help line I am told it must be my browser, computer, connection etc BUT I have changed locations, computers etc to test this theory when the problems are happening and there is no change so it is clearly the program. If you look at the Abacus company website almost all seminars, updates, training is for the Abacus product line. I am looking very hard to find another online practice management program that has similar features.

So far Practicepanther is the closest but the program reports section is not robust enough for me. Before Amicus Online was bought out I would recommend it to anyone, now I would recommend it to no one. Overall: Before it was purchased by Abacus, Amicus Online was excellent and I had no complaints.

For the past year the program is almost non-functional at times and it appears to be getting worse, not better. Pros: It is intuitive and easy to use. The interface is logical and pertinent to lawyers and law practice. No special training or programming is necessary to use the system.

Because it links to Outlook, all emails, contacts, etc. Are instantly synchronized with Outlook and smart phones. Cons: The word that best describes this software is SLOW. It operates by linking to Outlook, and you will frequently sit there watching the hourglass swirl waiting for the task to complete.

Because the software is not a stand-alone product, it is limited in what it can do. It does not really integrate documents, and the only way to manage or track work flow is via Outlook tasks. It keeps track of emails only so long as the email address is active with Microsoft Exchange - if you ever deactivate an email address, you lose access to all emails associated with that address.

Abacus Law bought Amicus, and it seems that Abacus has little or no interest in maintaining much less improving this product. Overall: It kept track of emails for me for years. God of the underground. That is a monumental task, and I found the product very useful for this purpose. It creates invoices pretty easily. Pros: Amicus Attorney Premium is a reliable product. Once it's up and running correctly, there are few bugs. It is a highly flexible program chock full of more options than anyone could ever use.

I prefer to avoid the cloud, too much risk of privacy issues, so even though an in-house server is old school, I prefer it this way. MS Exchange sync which gets calendars and contacts to the cell phone is excellent since 2015, best it's been since the old days of synching to the Palm Pilot. While I am listing a number of cons below, this software is the center point of our practice. Cons: Since this software was purchased by Abacus Corp in 2016, the price has gone up 75% - what a sticker shock!

IMHO, the tech support under the new owner is no better or worse. As for improvements to the product, the new owners seem to be focused only on selling their own add-on products - the announcements tout how AA Premium now links to Abacus Product XYZ, but AA Premium has received any new features. They promised a cell phone app for remote access as part of the February update to AA 2017 and it still has not been released. They have added links to their add-on extra accounting and law products, but not updated any features of the core Amicus Attorney program.

There is still no iPhone or Android app for remote access, one still has to use a browser on the cell phone to reach AmicusAnywhere. The process for writing SQL reports is complex! Also, the move from WordPerfect to Word (a necessary evil in today's world) meant losing the highly flexible document merge abilities of WordPerfect. I've been with AA since 2001; if Abacus doesn't produce new features, however, I will look to move my office to another product that seems more modern even at the risk of going to a web-based product when my two-year contract expires. Pros: Amicus has been bought by Abacus. Cons: Amicus Attorney has constant problems that never seem to be fixed. Now that Abacus has bought Amicus, and is running the show, I am sure it will get better because Abacus products/representatives are topnotch professionals who actually care about putting a great product out for their customers, and genuinely care about their customers, and always go the extra mile for them.

Overall: Because of the Senior Business Development Manager for Abacus, A.R., assigned to our account, our experiences with Amicus/Abacus are always positive. Is absolutely fantastic to work with, very knowledgeable, and able to get immediate results. On your staff will ensure your customers are always happy and satisfied. Pros: Their support is fantastic.

Very little wait time. The support people are courteous, knowledgeable. Cons: In many ways, the program is overwhelming for some of our staff. It takes a lot of time to train new staff members on the program. Also, there are many things that the program does that I haven't been able to use because it takes a lot of time to set up those things.

This is probably more of a problem with smaller firms that don't have staff who just handle equipment use. In addition, we're WordPerfect users.

I feel that the program works slightly better with MS Word. Overall: I have a small 5 attorney firm. With a large support staff. At any given time, we handle about 1,000 active files. Our practice is very paper intensive.

We've tried to go paperless, but it doesn't quite work with out type of practice, so we still do things the old fashioned way. With file folders and legal pads. I've been an Amicus Attorney user for over 10 years. Prior to that, I tried and use several other 'name brand' case management systems. Until about a year ago, we used the Amicus Small Firm program and it worked great.

We switched to the Premier edition when we upgraded our server and all of our workstations. The premier edition was more adaptable to our practice. First of all, it was faster, second, we liked the better document management and third, for a rather small increase in cost, we got more bells and whistles. There are at least a half dozen firms in my area that are now using Amicus because of my recommendation. The links with other programs like Outlook are seamless.

One calendar entry in Amicus updates Outlook and my laptop and my phone. I have not seen another case management program that has a document assembly system for letters, pleadings, emails, faxes anywhere as sophisticated as Amicus Attorney's. Also, check out their 'Do' button and their 'precedent' processes. Recommendations to other buyers: Nope. In my opinion, I think its the best 'off the shelf' case management program on the market. Pros: I like that Amicus has all emails associated with the file, all time posted, you can enter notes all in one place Cons: The software is not that easy to figure out without someone teaching you how to use it. Reports are a little troublesome.

Overall: The customer support is great. The functionality is great. We have used this product for 8 years. It holds all information for a client in one place.

I wish the online version was as robust as the desktop version. We would like to move to the online version but would lose some functionality.

Pros: For me, the most used feature is, of course, the calendar, followed very closely by the phone message/communications feature. Cons: It would be easier if the reports feature, used to print timesheets and phone messages, printed in a better format. Currently, the format used is one that has to be then modified and/or edited for easier readability before printing.

Overall: Love the software. Having the client contact information, the team's calendars, file events, ToDo's, and the individual team members timesheets at my fingertips is invaluable when working the the clients' files. Recommendations to other buyers: My advice would be to integrate a standard WordPerfect and/or Word format for the reports feature. Pros: The core functionalities of Amicus are so ingrained in our firm's work process and so easy to use that most users take it for granted. Features added in recent years, such as Amicus Anywhere, give us confidence that Amicus is changing in the same direction as our firm while maintaining the core functionalities that we rely on. Cons: Our worst problems with Amicus have always been caused by integration with third-party programs such as PCLaw and especially Outlook/Exchange.

Integration is a huge part of what makes Amicus useful, however. Overall: Our firm has used Amicus since its early days and it has been a valuable addition to our practice, saving lawyers' time by making it easy to keep track of contacts, time, billing information, and for document generation. From an administrator perspective, it is easy to maintain and upgrade with good developer support and admin tools. Pros: The best thing about Amicus Attorney is that everything about my practice is in one place: my contacts, my files, my calendar, my time, my emails and my documents - and I can access it all in my office, in my car, or half way around the world, as I did last March while in Australia (and the customer support is awesome!) Cons: Frankly, there is nothing I am unhappy about with Amicus. Overall: In 1996 I introduced Amicus Attorney software to my small law firm, and I still use it today as a sole practitioner.

I consider Amicus to be 'mission critical' software for my practice, allowing me to keep my files and clients and contacts organized with the seamless link to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, my time under control and properly recorded and synced to my PCLaw accounting software, and my documents at my finger tips with the Amicus link to Dropbox. Amicus Attorney allows me, as a solo practitioner to stay on top of practice and to compete on a business level with lawyers having much more extensive back office support personnel. Recommendations to other buyers: My advice is to try Amicus Attorney, and give it an honest effort - if you do, you will come to rely on it the way I do. Pros: Ease of use, functionality, tracking, billing and invoicing could not be any easier.

Automatic email tracking, billing and document management is remarkable. Cons: Additional reporting options as well as a little more customizable features would be nice. However, Amicus is always open to feedback from customers. Overall: I have been using the Amicus cloud edition for over a year. It has assisted me greatly in creating and sustaining a successful business model and structure.

Recommendations to other buyers: I use this software for medical and vocational case management. I found Amicus on accident performing a google search for case management software. It works well for other professionals (besides attorney's) who do case management and have a need for case management software. Pros: Ease of use for daily functions; time-keeping and seamless integration with PCLaw; calendar and to do features. Cons: 1) that a full featured cloud version is not yet available; and 2) that it does integrate fully with Worldox as a document manager, rather than the rather unhelpful document links within Amicus. Overall: I selected Amicus Attorney as my practice management software the day I opened my solo practice almost 17 years ago., and have never been disappointed.

I had researched competing software, and realized that the Amicus interface was far superior. Although I occasionally look at alternatives, my initial assessment remains the same, and I would choose Amicus Attorney if starting anew. Recommendations to other buyers: Commit from the beginning to using contacts and the telephone link so that you do not have to catch up later when you realize how useful it is.

Pros: Calendaring events is easy, which negates the risk of failure to timely file lawsuits, responses to motions and requests for admission, etc. We sleep much better knowing our risk in these areas is so low. Cons: Had a bit of difficulty getting used to emailing from Amicus rather than Outlook as we had in the past, but it was a low learning curve. Entering time through Amicus also took a bit of getting used to, but once we got used to the process it has gone smoothly.

Overall: We first purchased Amicus Attorney in 2007. Installed on our network server and five workstations. Entered all of our client data, easily uploaded our documents, and it has been a breeze to work with since.

Wouldn't trade this program for the world! Recommendations to other buyers: We would encourage anyone to try Amicus Attorney. It is a powerful package that truly streamlines our practice and puts everyone on the same page. Easy for one paralegal to 'cover' for another that may be out as client information and status is easily shared, giving them the ability to quickly get 'up to speed' on a case they have not handled before.

Pros: Amicus has allowed my firm to be at the forefront of our industry by enabling us to be completely paperless and meet the Federal and State efiling requirements. The automated document control features saves time by allowing us to skip the scan, save, move, paste, and name, routine of saving documents to locations where they can be found. Amicus does all those steps automatically, and in addition, has the capability of allowing you to preview documents in the Amicus file without even having to open them! The customization features allow you to make Amicus look and do the way you want tasks done.

You do not have to conform to it, Amicus will conform to you. The creation of timeslips and billing will shock you in its ability to capture all your time. Reviewing and editing time entries is fast and easy.

The publishing them to a bill is seamless and fast. The ability to preview and edit bills is efficient as well. And of course, you can customize your billing templates to make your bills look the way you want. The Client Portal is another firm saving feature.

It allows you to give access to Clients to view documents, events, messages, that you select. I view it as a malpractice insurance feature! All communication is open to the Client. They can view their documents, their appointments, and can message you. It totally eliminates the complaint that, 'I can't reach my lawyer.'

Everything is there for them to see. And again, only what you allow. Cons: Amicus is a really great product.

Little issues such as the Client Portal is a little finicky can be improved. It is a new feature and needs to allow Clients the ability to reset their password and to log on easier. Overall: The practice of law at any level is a business. As such the bottom line must always be considered.

Amicus has saved money for the firm and has also made money for my practice. It has saved money by being so efficient that I have reduced staff. I no longer need a file clerk or an assistant to take time to organize my time, calendar, and tasks. Amicus does all those things automatically. Amicus has made money for the firm by automatically and efficiently creating time records and bills. Recommendations to other buyers: As with all software, what you put in is what you get out. Carefull and consistent use will reap exponential rewards.

Pros: Setting up files, attaching contacts and email to files and adding appointments to the calendar is easy. The client portal is very helpful keeping in contact with clients and letting them know what is going on with their case. Cons: You are not able to add multiple categories to documents; you cannot create a word document within the program; revising a document and saving is complicated - you have to save to your desktop and then save to case program - need to be able to directly save document into program.

Overall: This program is replacing another case management program. The transition has been simple and not complicated. Pros: Timesheets and billing are interfaced automatically. Cons: Bugs in billing: e.g., last month I ran 358 bills that never printed. I had to get the list of bills from a report and then individually print them by going into the bill images and requesting a print.

That is the second time that happened and they have no explanation for why it happened or how I can prevent it. Overall: We are going on 3 years using this product.

Overall since we only use it for timekeeping and billing it works OK. However, the billing side is buggy and there are a limited number of staff who can fix the problems. They accept support email, but rarely answer them. I often wait 15 minutes or more on hold before I get through to support. Support is of the 'take a message and have someone else fix the problem' not first-line answers to problems.

Comments: Calendaring 'features' are awful. You cannot get a list of deadlines for a particular matter ordered by the date the deadline occurs (it instead orders it by the date the program is set to remind you about the deadline - totally illogical). It claims to offer customizeable reports via SQL reporting, but you'll have to pay someone to figure out how to do this (I have SQL experience and still was not able to figure out how to get a simple report of deadline in a particular matter, ordered by the deadline date). When viewing your calendar for the week, you cannot distinguish between appointments and tasks. Outlook integration is a joke. You would think that Amicus's 'to-dos' would map to Outlook's tasks, and that Amicus's appointments would map to Outlook calendar.

CompuLaw integration is clunky - there is a pause every time you want to use it, as it queries another database before you have even told it what event you want to calendar. And it does not automatically specify party names with the associated dates, making CompuLaw calendar entries even more confusing. Worse, everything gets added as a task, even if there's really nothing to be done in connection with the event (sometimes you just want to know when something from the other side is due but no action is required).

Staff hate using it, and avoid it, often preferring to calendar things manually, and thereby negating any benefits associated with CompuLaw integration. It appears to have its own idea for how to manage legal workflow. However, there are no online tutorials. To access any of the tutorials requires you to log out of the system and log in to a different tutorial implementation.

The 'reminders' feature is an interesting idea (you see a task on your to-do list for days preceding its deadline) but ends up being useless because the user interface is so clunky that no attorney in my firm actually relies on this (we just have our staff tell us what it says). Because the synchronization is not effective, there is no real mobile access.

To use program, you must access via computer that is physically in office. Every time I start Amicus, the program changes my views in Outlook even though I do not have it set up to sychronize with Outlook. It tries to do too many things (law firm accounting, document management, calendaring, time entry, etc.) without doing any of them well. Comments: I had the desktop version 15 years ago and LOVED it.

I recently reopened my practice and opted for the cloud version. PRO: moderately reliable. Customer service guy is nice and generally responsive.

CON: only moderately reliable and way to expensive for slow speed. Task and appointment integration is not what I need.

No way to schedule tasks, other than for the day you want, not the hour you set aside to do them, unless you schedule an appointment. Cannot print the calendar, not the day, or week, or anything.

NO print option for the calendar. In their defense, their marketing material does clearly say that if you want speed, then the desk top version is better for you. OVERALL IMPRESSION: If I had to guess, I would say they are either using customers to beta test the product or they are reluctant to dedicate the server space needed to accommodate the demand. Painfully slow page change time, especially related to managing emails and doing email time entries.

Composing an email is occasionally whacky, throwing me to the very bottom of the page, under the signature and privacy notice, every time I hit the return key for a new paragraph. Also, although the email screen has a Print feature, it returns only a blank page. I spend a lot of time waiting for the spinny thing to stop and my legal assistant is frequently asking me, 'Have you saved that?!' When I am composing a detailed email. Frequently cannot access the system, especially in the evening, such as now, when I am trying to work late to actually get something done.

Comments: The graphics give the appearance that this product performs well. The calendar systems integrates with Outlook but the alarms go off every 5 minutes regardless of whether you changed the settings, tell it to snooze for 24 hours or that you will attend. The Amicus Accounting program is so bad that it is no longer available for purchase. That is an example of this company's lack of integrity. Shortly after purchasing the accounting software it was discontinued. We ended up purchasing their integration with QuickBooks in order to get our billing out.

Their 'integration' is difficult to maneuver. The Administrator program is inadequate. Giving this product 1 star is far more than it deserves. Comments: In 2009, we moved from Time-Matters after using it for several years because Lexis-Nexis could not get its act together. The product crashed almost daily and support required leaving a voice mail and hoping someone would call back. We moved to Amicus Attorney Premium with the help of a vendor-approved consultant.

We soon learned that Amicus Attorney did not fully understand how to network their product or implement terminal services. The consultant was of little help and was terminated. After much effort, we finally got things working and the product was vastly superior to Time-Matters.

As the product has been improved over the years with better integrated billing software and SQL, the issues have almost disappeared. We now run it on its own virtual server eliminating issues caused by the interaction with other software. Each year the product is enhanced significantly.

For example, it recently added direct connection to Exchange Server so user emails do not have to be integrated with client files at the work station level. It handles all our documents, client files, billing, timekeeping, calendaring etc. So that our attorneys have all documents available anywhere Internet is available. I highly recommend it.

Amicus is a Windows-based point-of-sale (POS) system that can be used by businesses of all sizes. Typical businesses include restaurants, cafes and small and large retail stores. Amicus includes POS, inventory management and customer management features.

In terms of its POS capabilities, Amicus offers complete customization of the sales screen, customer-facing display, security settings and the receipt layout. Amicus offers various payment options including discount buttons, split payments and payment plans. For its inventory management capabilities, Amics enables reports that show users stock levels, how much stock is currently being moved and which products are selling fastest. With its customer management capabilities, Amicus allows users to create customer accounts to keep track of valuable customer information and purchase histories. Where applicable, Amicus also enables users to invoice customers as needed.

Amicus’ customer management also includes a built-in loyalty feature that can track points based on how much money customers spend and administer rewards accordingly. Amicus is created by Neotechnology, which has been in the POS industry since 1996.