Auber Pid Controller Manual

View and Download Auber WS-1200CPH operation & instruction manual online. Programmable Precision PID Temperature Controller. WS-1200CPH Temperature Controller pdf. The controller in the Auber instruments[ PID kits has been calibrated with its sensor to the accuracy of 1 degree C before shipping. Operation manual PID Author. Operating the Rancilio Silvia after PID kit. The controller in the Auber instruments’ PID. A copy of the instruction manual for the controller is included.

  1. Auber Pid Controller

. May, 2013 Introduction Thank you for purchasing the Auber WS series temperature controller. We sincerely appreciate your decision and trust that our machine will meet your expectations in both the quality of the result and the value of our product. While we are delighted that you may. Instruments only. Using it to control a not recommended device can be dangerous and cause fires.

Auber Instruments is not liable for damages caused by misuse of the controller. If you are not sure the controller can be used, please contact Auber Instruments before use. Weight: 2.2 lb (1 kg) without power cord. Note, for international orders (except Canada), the input power cord is not included due to its weight and different plug requirement. The controller has standard IEC 320 C13/14 socket. Users can use a power cord that meets the local standard to power it. Please make sure the wire gauge can carry the maximum current required.

Auber Pid Controller Manual

Auber Pid Controller

4) “+” Key - To increment displayed value. 5) “-“ Key - To decrement displayed value. 6) Time Key – Change the Parameter Window between current timer and temperature values, when pressed. It also displays which step the program is at before the timer is displayed. Typical connection between the controller and the heating device (in this example, the cooker). The connection of controller should be done in the following steps.

 Plug the temperature sensor to the back of the controller.  Plug the power cord to the back of the controller and the other end to the power outlet on the wall. display will show T01 for a second and then change to the cook time setting for step 1. Use “+” and “-“ keys to change the setting. When finished, press the SET again to confirm the change. The display will go to the step 2 setting.

The following is the flow chart for the setting procedure. eliminated. Step # Temp (F) Step # Time (h) 01.5 02.5 01.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 Tabl1, Initial program for smoking salmon.

The following is an example of setting for one step smoking at 160F for 9 hours. Temp (F) Time (h) 09.0 00.0. Display Commercial Rice cooker (.

Here is how to program Auber Pid to run in auto or manual with a push of a button. Push set button until it goes to menu mode, release button, now press and release to go thru menu.

Go to auto setting, in first pic. Default setting is 2, auto only, set to 0, auto or manual, using arrow After a few seconds it will exit menu mode. To go to manual press A-M button(2nd from left ), the A-M light will come on. To go back to auto push A-M button again.

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You still need to adjust power output. Press, release set button, you will now see an A followed by a number, on the bottom display (2nd pic), this is the output value. Adjust output values with the arrows.

Output can be adjusted from 0 to100. You can easily adjust output values anytime in this mode. Muddog Attachments. Sambedded wrote:PID requires thermoprobe even for manual mode. But you can trick it using 100 Ohm resistor instead of probe.

That is not correct. When you run in manual, you are setting to percentage of time the PID is going to power the element, i.e manual setting of 60 will power element 60% of time and power off 40% of time, the thermocoupler is bypassed. Muddog Have you ever tried to run it in manual mode when thermosensor is disconnected? Syl -2326 just doesn't allow you to do 'setting to percentage of time' without sensor. Rumrunner Posts: 678 Joined: Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:25 pm Location: Canada.