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Browning GTI Sporter Ultra 12ga 2 34 30 ported invector plus barrels with 5 choke tubes,wrench,2 extra triggers,13 34 LOP,comb has for sale by First Stop Gun on. Nov 07, 2012 I have a Browning GTI Ultra Sporter Plus, 32' Barrels and Multi Choke that I have had from new (over 20 years) never missed a beat, lovely Gun.

Browning 12 gauge GTi Sporter Ultra Over and Under Shotgun (R/H) - S/H Trade seller - Advertised for 99 days until for £800 Information about Browning Shotguns Over a century of expert craftsmanship has been refined and perfected since 1897, the year the first Browning gun was made. Since then millions of Browning shotguns have been produced for hunters, target shooters and collectors, manufactured to the exacting standards of this esteemed name.


Browning guns are steeped in heritage, having introduced not just the semi-automatic shotgun, but also the Over-and-Under shotgun, renowned for its efficiency, elegance and impeccable technical features. The Browning name is now synonymous with guns, with owners across the world deriving great pleasure from their shotgun day after day. Buy Browning, a name whose history is intrinsically linked to the very history of the shotgun itself. Some of our most popular models of Browning shotgun include: Browning B80 Browning 2000 Browning Gold Browning Phoenix Browning Maxus Composite Browning B525 And hundreds more besides!


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Their a good solid gun. Make sure that the gun has the Invector Plus choke system, or I'd pass!!! Price will vary alot for this gun, so condition and round count are a very big factor. OK to kinda nice, would be like $1000 to $1300 I would think. But the gun can be worth less or even more!!!

Browning Sporter Sp20

If condition is poor or excellent. What GTI stands for has been asked on this website a number of times.

I still have not seen the correct answer. A few joking names is all that I seem to see posted.

Browning Ultra Sporter Plus

Browning sporter sp20

Make sure the top lever is right of center. The farther right the better. Then check the bluing for wear(bare metal spots are bad), and the stock for dings, scratches, does the gun still have the original box. The box can add value if the gun is very good to excellent shape. Break em all. I own a GTI that I recently bought. It looked really good except for a few Knicks in the stock.

I got it for 1200 out the door. Command and conquer 4 tiberium twilight offline patch. When I got home I started researching the serial number. After a few clicks I realized that I had the golden clays addition and it was valued at around 2100. So make sure you get the serial number and look it up. There are 3 grades with this gun and two different GTI logos on the side. Red logo is no good as it has invector chokes and it was the first year '89 that they were made.

Gold GTI followed '90-94. From what I can tell if its not ported then its the lowest grade.

If it is ported then you will need to look at the last 3 of serial number to determine. I believe if its a T then its the lower grade and P is the Golden Clays.

New furniture will run around 600 non finished from browning. The only other bad thing is that you cant place another barrel on this gun. The barrels were hand fitted and cant be interchanged. I done lots of research before getting mine. The going price for the first 2 grades on gunbroker and guns America is $900. Use that as your negotiating tool and take them a copy of the Browning's book of values.