Bs 6651 Lightning Protection

A summary of the key differences between. BS 6651:1999 and BS EN 62305 Protection against Lightning. And the new standard’s key requirements. At the end of August.

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Lightning Protection Design Lightning Protection Design We are Lightning Protection Design Consultants. If you have a concern about Lightning striking your high-value or critical asset, then you’re in the right place! Understanding the risks posed from Lightning is a fundamental requirement. “A ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for.” ― We aim to take ‘Risk’ off the table for your high value critical assets - and in the process present the complexity into an easy-to-understand plan/design or strategy. Service should mean Service There are many that profess to give good service - but getting the right answer, design or strategy can be a drawn out affair with little in the way of transparent communication.

No matter what you need from the our services, you will experience impeccable response so you can get your answers when and how you need them. Ultimate Lighting Protection Design is PREVENTION In Risk Management, PREVENTION is better than cure If cost is not the only concern, then why wait to treat the devastating effects of a lightning strike when you can get to the source of the problem and PREVENT lightning from attaching to your structure!?? If your concern is to take lightning off-the-table as a risk then speak to our research engineers now to see if prevention is practical for you. Not all applications can take a preventative solution, either because the investment premium required over and above a conventional approach cannot be justified, or the structure does not lend itself to a preventative option (these are very rare).

For those situations we have the conventional Lightning Protection. Lightning Protection Design - the conventional way, delivered unconventionally GreyMatters has a unique mix of specialist experience covering global lightning protection design solutions in some of the most active regions of the planet.

This means if you are looking for an effective lightning design service which will be compliant to the local regulations, then you are definitely in the right place!. Design. Risk Assessments to IEC/SAN/BS/EN 62305:2012. CAD compatible drawings. Post installation Audits.

Condition assessment. Measurement. Consultancy Where we differ to most is being able to integrate HV earthing/grounding designsinto the lightning protection and be able to simulate the combined system’s performance and fit BEFORE installation, using leading accepted industry software such as CDEGS. Or maybe you have some questionable/unanswered earth readings that don’t make-sense?

- In this situation, we can simulate the tests carried out on site and replicate the scenario ‘virtually’ to help get to the bottom and resolve the problem for you. Why not have a quick 2-minute ‘Live Chat’ with one of our online research engineers. Standards Applied Lightning. IEC 62305 Protection Against Lightning. 2012. EN 62305 Protection Against Lightning. 2012 European versions of above.

Lightning Protection Equipment

Bs 6651 Lightning Protection

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SAN 62305 Protection Against Lightning. 2011 SA versions of above.

BS 6651 Lightning Protection for Structures. 1999. NFPA 780 Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems.