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Caution CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage”.

Important Safeguards Please read the following safeguards for your TV and retain for future reference. Always follow all warnings and instructions marked on the television.

Read, Retain and Follow All Instructions Read all safety and operating instructions before operating the TV. Retain them safely for future reference. Follow all operations and instructions accordingly. Important Safeguards 12.

Power Lines An outside antenna system should not be located in the vicinity of overhead power lines or other electric light or power circuits, or where it can fall into such power lines or circuits. When installing an outside antenna system, extreme care should be taken to keep from touching such power lines or circuits as contact with them might be fatal. Warning This section must be read carefully and followed by the user prior to the operation of the product. The manual states important instructions for the user’s own safety, and the proper operation of the product. Ignoring or disregarding the contents of this section and im- WARNING proper operation of the product may result in the person’s death or serious injury.

Warning This section must be read carefully and followed by the user prior to the operation of the product. The manual states important instructions for the user’s own safety, and the proper operation of the product. Ignoring or disregarding the contents of this section and im- CAUTION proper operation of the product may result in the person’s death or serious injury. Table of Contents Installation and Maintenance Antenna Connection. 9 Video Connection. Supplied Accessories Make sure that the following accessories are provided with the product. AC cord Instruction manual Cover Bottom - When you install wall mounting you set up cover bottom like upper picture.

Remote controller Batteries Cable holder (Except C2 Series) The method of wire arrangement 1. Antenna Connection Indoor Antenna Connection 1. Connect the feeder cable of the antenna to the combining adapter. WHEN THE IMAGE IS NOT CLEAR: Unclear screen image and bad reception may be a cause of wrong antenna con- nection. Be sure to check its direction and place when installing.

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Combining adapter 2. Antenna Connection CTV Antenna Connection Such community TV Antenna installation may be found in most of co-op apartments. When a coaxial cable is used: Plug the coaxial cable to the antenna socket, and fix it firmly by turning it to the right.


Antenna socket on the wall Antenna socket at the left side of the TV set ANT/CABLE. Antenna Connection Outdoor Antenna Connection Outdoor Antenna connection-such as VHF or/and UHF-may be necessary for installation at private houses. Single Antenna Connection VHF Antenna Back of the tv set UHF Antenna OPTICAL PC INPUT PC AUDIO S-VIDEO L - AUDIO - R COMPONENT ANT/CABLE Separate Antenna Connection. Video Connection Connecting with an External Source You may connect an S-Video input to enjoy clearer and brighter picture images.

You can make the connection with the AV3 input. S-Video PC INPUT PC AUDIO S-VIDEO L - AUDIO - R Note: If S-video and RCA jack are connected the same time, The TV set will only detect the S-Video mode. Camcorder & Video Game Connection Watching the Camcorder Recording on TV 1. Prepare the S-video and RCA connector. These connectors connect to S-video or AV 3 as shown in the picture below. Turn on the TV set and camcorder/video game. DVD Player connection When connecting with a component cable and Euro SCART cable Back of the tv set OPTICAL PC INPUT PC AUDIO S-VIDEO L - AUDIO - R COMPONENT Note:.

When you connect with the component video, please check the colour of the cable between the DVD and TV set. When connecting with a S-VIDEO cable and RCA cable Back of the tv set OPTICAL. STB(Set Top Box) Connection When connecting with a HDMI cable Back of the tv set OPTICAL PC INPUT PC AUDIO S-VIDEO L - AUDIO - R COMPONENT Set Top Box When connecting with a component cable Back of the tv set OPTICAL PC INPUT PC AUDIO. Connection When connecting with PC(D-Sub) cable. First adjust resolution of the PC. (Refer to table in page 17.) 2.

Connect between PC and TV set using the D-sub and Audio cable as shown in the picture below. Turn on the PC and TV set.

Connection PC CONNECTION NOTES: 1) The resolution of the TV set is best at 1360(6) x 768(WXGA). 2) If there is a Vertial Frequency setting menu in the Display Menu of the PC, adjust the frequency to 60Hz. 3) If the PC resolution is too high, it may be hard to detect signals. Select a suitable resolution.

4) HDMI input port receives only digital Signal. Cable TV Broadcasting Connection External Input Connection Source Watching cable television is only possible after you have subscribed to the local broadcasting company and installed a cable receiver. You may make the connection to either the Component input or SCART input AV1 or AV2. Input Cable TV Broadcasting.

Connect with the Dolby Digital AMP. If you connect the optical output to a Dolby digital AMP, you can listen to better sound. (Only DVB-T Mode) Back of the tv set OPTICAL PC INPUT PC AUDIO S-VIDEO L - AUDIO - R COMPONENT Optical output Dolby Digital AMP.

Name of Each Part Front / Side Panel Buttons on the TV set have the same functions as those of the remote controller. Control Key Buttons. TV/VIDEO Button: Each time you press this button, the TV will cycle through: TV / AV1 / AV2 / AV3(S-Video) / PC/HDMI / COMPONENT. Name of Each Part Side and Rear Panel Side Panel OPTICAL PC INPUT PC AUDIO S-VIDEO L - AUDIO - R COMPONENT Rear Panel.

Parts of the Remote Controller This remote controller is universal; thus, it may be convertible for TV, Video, CTV, etc. (MUTE): Press this button, and the sound goes off. Press again, and the sound returns. (POWER): TV on/off button in Stand-By mode. Parts of the remote controller 17. MENU: Menu display button. ASPECT: Select screen aspect ratio.

Auto = 16:9 = 14:9 = 4:3 = Zoom1 = Zoom2 = Auto Note: When current mode is multimedia ( PC, HDMI, Component), the aspect only works as the 16:9 mode. Method To Use Basic Menu Basic Menu - The basic menu appears on the screen if you press the “MENU” button of the remote control.

There are 5 items Picture, Screen, Sound, Function, and Install in the basic menu. Each item has sub-items under it. To Watch TV On/Off, Number, Mute, Recall, VOL, Buttons with same name in the main body performs the same function. Press the “ON/OFF” button of the front side of the set or Remote con- troller.

The buttons of the remote control and the main body operate only when AC power is turned on. To Watch TV - If AV1 terminal on TV set is connected with external device, TV will be ON at AV1 mode. Otherwise, TV will be ON at RF mode. Turning on the TV. Plug AC Cord into a power outlet.

Setting Up TV Stations Auto Tuning - All stations that can be received are stored by this method. It is recommended that you use Auto tuning during in- stallation of this set. Press the “MENU” button to select the Install menu. Setting Up TV Stations Manual tuning 1. Press the Number buttons(09) or the “ PR ” button to PR/PAGE select a program number you want.

SELECT PR/PAGE 2. Locate the selection bar on the Manual tuning at the Install PR/PAGE INSTALL menu. Setting Up TV Stations Setup The Setup menu shows you information as follows: - Picture information: PAL, SECAM, and SECAM-L - Sound information: L, DK3, DK2, DK1, I, BG - Station name, Program number and Real channel number.

Searching for channels in the Setup menu PR/PAGE. Setting Up TV Stations Edit The Edit menu shows you information as follows: - Program position assignment: Program number and Station name, Real channel number. Skip information: Red (Skip Yes), White (Skip No).

One can move on this edit mode directly using „EDIT” button on the remote control. DVB Menu DVB Menu - Press the Menu button to display the main menu. Then, select DVB MENU. DVB MENU You may see the DVB MENU OSD. Whenever you need more information dur- ing any DVB MENU directory, press info button “ ”.

DVB Menu Channel List Channel List 1. five 6.BBC ONE Select Move Delete Edit Name Lock Favourites ▲ ▼ ◄ ► Function Select Channel Select Watch More - Select the MOVE function to change the channel number and press the OK. DVB Menu Favourites Edit Favourite Lists 1. BBC ONE (1) (2) 2. five BBC ONE 6.List 1 List 2 List 3 List 4 List 5 ◄ ► ▲ ▼ Select List Select Channel Select.

DVB Menu Guides Select each sub-menus. Guides Now / Next EGP Now / Next EPG - You can check now / next program here.

Move highlight up/down and List Schedule EPG get information. Yellow/cyan button is for changing the schedule. Timeline Schedule EPG - Press Info key “. DVB Menu List Schedule EPG - You can check program schedules here. Navigate channel by pressing UP/DOWN/RIGHT/ LEFT button. Press Yellow/cyan buttons to change date.

Red/green buttons are for changing the time. Press Info key “ ” to see detailed information of each program Electronic Programme Guide Wed 10/11 8:00 BBC ONE. DVB Menu Timers - If you want to watch a special program on time without having to use the remote everyday, please setup Timers. At first, press select key. You will see time setup OSD. BBC ONE (See the right) start: 20:20. DVB Menu Settings Setting Select each sub-menu Configuration Configuration This has 4 sub-menus.

Installation - Subtitle on/off You also can control this with the remote control SUB TITLE button. MENU Exit Note: You can select sub title language in the Features menu. Change Banner time: SELECT Select.

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DVB Menu Installation - Automatic Search is the function to scan each channel for services. If you cancel Automatic Do you want to start automatic search? Do you want to start automatic search? Search before it is completed, the previous list Your previous channel list will be replaced.

DVB Menu Common Interface - This allows you to upgrade your TV set with additional features including access to extra channels (if available) us- ing a conditional access module (eg. If there is no CI Card in the slot, „No common interface module detected” appears on the screen. When you insert the CI Card,„Common interface module inserted”. Selection of AV and Multimedia Input Signal When watching video, Camcorder, DVD, Cable TV with AV - See page 12 for connection method of Camcorder and Video. When pressing ” ” button on the TV set, screen changes as follows: TV =. Selection of AV and Multimedia Input Signal When connecting PC, STB, DVD with Multimedia 1. Pressing the “MULTIMEDIA” button on the remote controller.


The screen changes as follows: PC = HDMI = Component = PC CLOCK 1 2: 0 0 HDMI Component CLOCK. Screen Adjustment When setting up various screen modes - The user may select various screens designed for a good picture without adjusting the brightness, contrast or col- our individually. Pressing the “NORMAL” button. The screen changes as follows: Normal I =. Screen Adjustment When adjusting the screen to taste - You can enjoy various screens by adjusting Brightness, Contrast, Colour, Sharpness, etc to the user’s taste.

Select “PICTURE” by pressing the “MENU” button. PR/PAGE. The menu screen appears as follows. PICTURE PICTURE MODE NORMAL. Screen Adjustment Adjustment of Screen Size in TV and AV mode - Randomly change the size of the screen. The AUTO screen operates when power is first turned on.

Pressing the “ASPECT” button on the remote controller. The screen changes as follows: Auto =. Screen Adjustment Adjustment of the screen in the PC mode PR/PAGE 1. Adjustment of the H-Position SCREEN. Move to H-Position in the Screen menu.

SCALE AUTO H-POSITION. Press the ” / ” buttons to adjust the horizontal V-POSITION SELECT PHASE position of displayed image. Sound Adjustment When adjusting sound to taste - The user can enjoy various sounds by adjusting Sound Mode, Equalizer, Balance and Amp Speaker.

To adjust the audio equalizer PR/PAGE. Move to Equalizer in the Sound menu.

SOUND. Select and use the relevant frequency by pressing the ” / ” SOUND MODE NORMAL EQUALIZER. Sound Adjustment Multi-Sound and Stereo 1. Mono Sound Selection. During Stereo sound reception if the stereo is weak, you can switch to MONO by pressing the “ ” button. Then the colour of “MONO” character will change to Red. In Mono reception the depth of sound is PR/PAGE improved.

Selection of Language Selection of Language When you first turn on the TV set, the window of language selection is displayed automatically. Press the “MENU” button and select “Function”.

PR/PAGE FUNCTION LANGUAGE TIMER CHILD LOCK SELECT MGDI DEMO PR/PAGE OSD HALFTONE POSITION. Adjustment of Time Adjustment of Time - You must previously adjust current time in order to reserve Automatic On/Off. Manual clock setting PR/PAGE. Move to Timer in the Function menu.

FUNCTION. To go to the Clock, press the “ ” button. CLOCK 12: 00. Adjustment of Time 3. Set up of Off Time. Move to Timer in the Function menu. PR/PAGE.

To go to the Off Timer, press the “ / ” button. FUNCTION. Select Off Timer to “Yes” CLOCK 12: 00 WAKE UP. Other Functions 1. Setup of Child Lock.

Move to Child Lock in the Function menu. PR/PAGE FUNCTION. Select Child Lock to “On” using the “ ” button LANGUAGE TIMER Note: CHILD LOCK SELECT MGDI DEMO PR/PAGE. This prevents the use of the TV set without the remote con- OSD HALFTONE trol. Teletext Teletext SWITCHING TELETEXT ON/OFF Press the “TEXT” button ( The index page or the page viewed last will appear.

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Press the “TEXT” button again to return to the TV mode. NOTE: Teletext works only in TV/AV mode. COLOUR BUTTONS IN TOP/FLOF TELETEXT A red, green, yellow and blue field is shown at the bottom of the screen. Troubleshooting Symptoms and Solutions Please check the following list prior to calling Daewoo Electronics Service Centre for assistance. Symptom Check items Neither picture - Check the contact of sockets is all right. Nor sound - Check the TV main power is on. Troubleshooting In PC mode Symptom Check items “UNSUPPORTED” - Check the resolution and frequency of your PC.

Then, adjust them to opti- appears on the mum condition for LCD TV. Screen - Refer to the table of PC mode input format (If registered resolution and fre- quency on the table not listed then no picture will be displayed.) “NO SIGNAL”. Standard of Product Screen Size 26”(66Cm) 32”(81Cm) 37”(94Cm) Aspect Ratio 16:9 Resolution 1366 x 768 (WXGA) Pixel Pitch 0.4215 mm 0.51075 mm 0.600 mm Contrast Ratio 4000:1 5000:1 5000:1 Dimension (W x H x D) 676 x 530 x 230 mm 806 x 626.5 x 250 mm 940 x 720 x 328.5 mm Power Consumption.