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. SPARE PARTS MANUAL English Version FROM SERIAL NO: 149A001001 Issue: 04.07.02 S102H HERITAGE TRACTOR CODE 149A MANUAL PART NO: 149004 (REV.0.).

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149004PM040702. STEERING & FRONT AXLE ENGINE COVER & PANELS CUTTERDECK GRASSBAG ASSEMBLY REAR AXLE & CONTROL PEDALS GRASSBAG MOUNTING ENGINE BATTERY & DRIVE SEAT ASSEMBLY ELECTRICS When ordering spare parts please give the following information. PART NUMBER, DESCRIPTION AND QUANTITY REQUIRED, MACHINE TYPE, MODEL AND SERIAL NUMBER. STEERING & FRONT AXLE 04PM040702 1CRS8202A. Steering Wheel Roll Pin Washer Bush Flanged Cover Bolt Hood Lock Down Bolt Washer E or C Clip Washer Shim Washer Steering Rod Frame Bolt Washer Steering Gear Spacer C Clip Washer Washer Spacer Quadrant Assembly Washer Bolt Bolt Washer.


Decal Grass Blade Panel Screw Lens Assembly Grille Screw Screw Receptacle fastener Screw Strut Decal RH Panel RH Hood Assembly Screw Washer Cover Screw Screw Washer Screw Cover Mat RH Decal LH Panel LH Mat LH Screw Cover RH. CUTTERDECK 149004PM040702.

Cover Washer Cover Belt Pulley Washer Pulley Washer Bearing Spacer Bolt Frame Cable U - Clamp Washer Bolt R - Clip Chute Bush Quill Spacer Arm Pulley Bush - Flanged Bolt Spring Ring Connector Bolt Bolt Bolt Washer Bolt Deck. 1.10 CUTTERDECK 1.10 149004PM040702. 1.11 ITEM NO.

Blade RH Blade Holder Washer Washer Bolt Washer Blade LH Washer Height Adjuster Plate Decal - Hands & Feet DECK PART NO. AL521207 AL514176 AL700139 AL702254 AL701336 AL700137 AL700276 AL521208 AL51425330 AL700151 AL51421301 AL526507 1.11 ITEM NOTE. 1.12 GRASSBAG ASSEMBLY 1.12 1CRS8206A 149004PM040702. 1.13 ITEM NO. Handle Washer Handle Housing - RH Handle Housing - LH Bolt Bolt Washer Damper Fastening Cover Plug Rubber Frame - Upper Grass Collector Washer Latch Screw Bolt Strut - Gas Bolt Bolt Frame - Lower Washer Spacer Grassbag Fabric Washer. 1.14 1.14 REAR AXLE AND CONTROL PEDALS 149004PM040702. 1.15 REAR AXLE AND CONTROL PEDALS ITEM NO.

Spring Star Washer Pin - Pedal Bolt Pedal Pedal Arm Bolt Clip Switch Rivet Switch Halter Aduster Cover - Black Arm - RH Cable Ball Joint Bolt Connecting Lever Spacer Transfer Lever Bolt Washer Spacer. 1.16 1.16 REAR AXLE AND CONTROL PEDALS 149004PM040702. 1.17 REAR AXLE AND CONTROL PEDALS ITEM NO. Spring Bolt Hose Bolt Bolt Washer Bearing Assembly Fan Pulley Assembly Screw Handle Screw Bracket PART NO.

AL514817 AL517437 AL51479210 AL701704 AL701006 AL704272 AL514081 AL149001 AL700961 AL514395 AL701352 AL702830 AL700119 AL514382. 1.18 1.18 GRASSBAG MOUNTING 149004PM040702.

1.19 ITEM NO. Guard Bolt Bolt Bracket Bolt Bolt Washer Clip - Plastic Star Washer Spring Box Clutch Back Plate Bolt Washer Lever Knob Switch Grip Fix Audible Switch Assembly Lever Plastic Screw Pin Roll Bolt Bracket - RH Bracket - LH Bracket - RH Bracket - LH. 1.20 ENGINE, BATTERY & DRIVE 1.20 149004PM040702. 1.21 ENGINE BATTERY & DRIVE ITEM NO. Strip - Rubber Battery Screw 5 x 16 Washer Cover Cover Tray Fuel Cap Fuel Tank Fuel Pipe Washer Belt Guide Bolt Bolt Bracket Nut - Lock Spacer Pulley Washer Bolt Belt Guide Belt Guide Bolt Washer. 1.22 ENGINE, BATTERY & DRIVE 1.22 149004PM040702.


1.23 ENGINE BATTERY & DRIVE ITEM NO. Exhaust - Box Bracket - Exhaust Screw Screw Exhaust Pipe Cover Bolt Washer Briggs & Stratton Clip Battery Charger Washer PART NO. AL521732 AL521469 AL523134 AL700545 AL521726 AL51489701 AL704452 AL702756 Contact Dealer AL544515. 1.24 1.24 SEAT ASSEMBLY 149004PM040702. 1.25 ITEM NO. Seat Seat Plate Bolt Washer Bolt Star Washer Base - Seat Bolt Seat Switch Washer Spring Adjuster Rod Gear Segment Lever Star Washer Bolt Spring Button Grip Handle Bolt Heat - Deflector Bar - Front Rocker Stop Bolt Decal - Noise db SEAT ASSEMBLY.

1.26 1.26 ELECTRICS 149004PM040702. 1.27 ITEM NO. Key - ignition Washer - Locking Spacer Switch - Ignition Light Switch Seat - Switch Cable Tie Battery Clip Bulb Holder Relay Terminal Circlip Loom Lead - Neg Lead - Pos Switch - Cutterblade Fuse 8 Amp ELECTRICS PART NO.

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