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FX-890, Epson FX-890, C11C524041, High performance. BITMAP FONTS: Epson Draft, 10 CPI, 12 CPI, 15 CPI Epson Roman, 10 CPI, 12 CPI, 15 CPI Proportional.

Hi We have a customer who use both Epson FX-880 and FX-890 printers for producing carbon copy delivery notes and dispatch notes. Recently we have upgraded the systems from Windows98 to Windows 7 and after this we cannot get the Dot Matrix printers to correctly print from thier acocunts system. The system they use is Windows / Foxpro based and as such wants to print raster fonts. We dont want this, we want to print using native printer fonts - namely Draft 10cpi but this is not available - only similar true type fonts. Where can we download the Epson printer fonts - Epson does not seem to supply them and we have also tried using a 'Text Only / Generic' driver in Windows - this works but the CPI is wrong.

I understand that you wanted to use Dot Matrix printers so that you could get be ' producing carbon copy' reports, but Pavel is correct. Remember that Carbon copies (or carbon-less paper copies) were created before there were reasonably priced laser printers which can make quick and not-too-expensive multiple copies of things. Upgrading to a new laser printer at this time would seem like a good idea. If you did that, you need only have your reports printed multiple times to achieve the same result (i.e. Multiple 'Carbon' copies). However you can do a web search to find the Printer Command Language set for your Epson Dot Matrix printers or you can call Epson and ask them.

With the PCL commands you can determine if you need to change and/or add some commands being sent from your application to the printer to achieve your desired results. Using a laser printer was considered some time ago as an option however this company has many thousand preprinted forms, which would be unsuitable for laser printing. They need the carbon copy paper as when they deliver goods to a customer, they sign the paperwork and then keep a copy - this is the companies proof of delivery. They also use one of the DM printers for printing dispatch labels - again, they have boxes of these and would not be too keen on throwing them away. The best solution would be to get them printing again using 'Text Only' - though I'm not sure how I would include the control codes in the report software to generate the desired results.


Really all that needs happen is the printer be set to the correct CPI and pitch when the job starts. How can I do this using the Windows driver? The question is if the??? Command can still bypass the Windows driver which maight filter some characters. Then the ASCII printout should work. Based on my previous link the printer must allow to select 10 CPI and lock it. If the driver is bypassed or not is easily recognizable when you issue???

CHR(12) or even??? CHR(13) should be visible. And tons of preprinted papers should not block new technologies. You could even try printerless solution - instead of carbon copies send the delivery note to the customer via e-mail. Signature made on HHC touch screen is sufficient proof of delivery. If you need signed paper then one copy is enough. If customer needs the paper then he can print a copy on his own printer.

Jock, I'm with you. The business world, in spite of it's many advances, still depends on dot matrix printers and carbon copy forms.

Unless your client can afford a totally new software tracking system along with the electronic signature pads like Fedex and USP use, it going to be carbon forms for at least another decade. Just a suggestion, but have you approached the software vendor for a possible solution? Unless this is custom software, it's possible that they have had a client who has already dealt with this. BTW, I notice that Epson has a Windows 7 driver for the FX 890 but apparently not for the 880. Did you upgrade printer drivers? D Brugge Thanks for your support - there is no cash in the budget to change the stationary / supporting technology and to be honest this method suits the clients business procedures.

There really is no case to change. I have spoken with the software vendor and whilst they are generally a helpful company they were unable to suggest a solution - trial and error.just like we did when it was originally set up. We have tried the native Windows7 driver which works, however instead of printing the printers built in font table this driver prints the windows fonts as a raster - which takes an age. Maybe somebody can suggest a way to get this driver to print the font table in the printer? I have had a look and fiddle but cannot see a way to do this? For the longest time Epson continued to use the same PCL as it did way back in the Epson FX-80 days.


Draft Font Download

Maybe those codes will still work for you. You might try going over the various ESC/P commands listed on: Also if you do a Google search for: Epson Escape/P Reference you will find a number of references. The individual ones for: support.epson.ru such as Part1.pdf, Part2.pdf, Part3.pdf, etc.


You won't get 'fonts' per se, but you might be able to control other aspects of the printing (e.g Draft Mode - ESC x 0, Pica width 10 CPI - ESC P, etc.) to approximate a 'font'. It may take some trial & error, but hopefully those Printer Command Language codes will get you what you need.

Hi Scott, At long last, I got a response form Epson. It was unproductive other than to say that the printer fonts are not available as computer fonts. I only got a low level techie who was not familiar with the problem created by Windows 7. I would have tried to escalate it to a higher level tech, but I was afraid that I would be speaking to someone who would ask me questions that I didn't have the answers to, without posting here and waiting for a response. This would be very unproductive and I know that you have been wrestling with this for a long time. I suggest that you contact Epson Technical Service direct.

Do so by going to the Epson site, entering FX 880 in the search window and selecting tech support for the product. Then you have the option of calling them or emailing them for an answer. If they do find a solution for you, please post it here so that anyone in the future with this problem will learn from your experience. Best of luck to you. David brugge. Thanks guys- I was back onsite today and it looks like I have found half a solution to this. In the print driver for the FX880 (and another for an Epson FX890 used to print dispatch labels) I have disabled 'advanced printing features' throughout all the pages - 3 settings in 3 different places from memory.

In addition I changed the printer advanced settings i.e. The spool settings from RAW to TEXT.

Epson Draft Font Download

This setting seems to slip for some reason - but the combination of these both and using a courier 10 font in Foxpro seems to have cracked it. Sadly I dont have draft, but it is using the Courier printer font best matched to the font on the Foxpro report. It's early days yet and I still need to complete more tests but I'm hopeful.

Please forgive grammar and spelling in this post- I'm using the iPhone. I'll post back an update and award points directly Thanks again to all - Jock.