Evinrude Diagnostic Software 5.1

Evinrude Diagnostic Software 5.1
  1. Evinrude Diagnostic Software Kit
Evinrude diagnostic software kit

Price List: Auto EPC, ETK, Parts Catalogs, Service & Repair Manuals. Diagnostics for BRP products MPI-2 60V-WS850-00-00 Seadoo diagnostics seadoo diagnostic seadoo. Thanks for the reply. It asked for a six digit dealer number to register (no password required to register) but the update package my dealer gave me requires 5.1 minimum. Evinrude: proof that. Talk to your dealer or online dealers if you wish to purchase the genuine Evinrude Diagnostic software and. Diagnostic Software and Cable.

Our Evinrude Diagnostic Kit with the program Evinrude v. 5.5.1 is compatible with all latest models 2012!!! The 'Evinrude ® Diagnostics Software Program' communicates with the Engine Control Unit ('ECU') and the Engine Management Module ('EMM') and is used for retrieving engine diagnostic information, setting engine operating parameters, performing engine maintenance and printing engine reports on Evinrude ® Direct Injection or 'DI' engines and Evinrude ® E-TEC ® series engines. Using a computerized diagnostic interface, you can make as many tests and analyses: -Read and reset code(s) of the engine failures.Read the EMM module identification.Reading sensors and actuators in real time.Real-time reading of technical parameters.Test operation of the electric fuel pump.Test sensors and actuators in real time.Test operation of the injectors and coils of high voltage.Generate graphics of engine operation.Reading the serial number of the nozzles.Reading of temperature and voltage of the TPS.Print or export diagnostic data in files. Pdf -Other testing and analysis. Original Evinrude cable p/n 437955 is primarily used to connect the serial RS-232 computer input and diagnostic output of engine. Since most modern laptops no longer has an RS232 serial port, must be used an USB to RS232 adapter.

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Jquery form values. We developed a adapter which have the 3-pin connector for connect to engine diagnostic port on one end and USB cable on the other end. In fact, this device consists of a cable p/n 437955 and USB-to-serial adapter in a single device.

Our adapter is based on FTDI (VID0403) chipset and works fine with the following Windows ® operating systems: -XP, 32-bit and 64-bit.Vista, 32-bit and 64-bit.7, 32-bit and 64-bit. Adapters, based on the FTDI chipset is recommended for use by BRP personnel. Evinrude Diagnostic Kit Include: 1. USB-to-Evinrude diagnostic port adapter. P/n 5008689 Evinrude ® Diagnostics Software Program. EvinrudeE-TECInlinePackagefor2004andnewer15to90HPmodels(Revised 2-10-2012).

Evinrude Diagnostic Software Kit

EvinrudeE-TECVPackagefor2005andnewer115to300HPmodels(Revised 2-10-2012). All software is provided as downloadable files after the order is received by the buyer. EvDiagnostics User Manual: http://files.diag-systems.com/EvDiagUserManual/EvDiagnosticsUserManual.html.