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1960's Facit Typewriter 6301

provided a scanned version of the Typewriter Repair Manual by Howard Hutchison - it is now.:cue sci-fi music:. Huawei e5776 firmware update. Got a question about cleaning / restoration? Mistertopcon has put together quite a. We now have a! It's not much to look at currently, but it's a start. I found a lovely Facit typewriter, complete with case and all, in a garbage container.

It works perfectly and can write in black, red and white ink. There is just one problem - the carriage doesn't move. It looks kind of like although this is not my picture. I checked the awesome pictorial guide from the sidebar but I don't think that's what's wrong with my machine, because the carriage does move when I release it.

There is quite some spring in it, it just doesn't move when I write a letter. I suspect there is some kind of button or locking that I just haven't found yet. Does anyone know of something similar? Thank you for your help! Let's get clear, here. First you say the carriage doesn't move and then you say it moves when you release it. What do you mean, 'release it'?

Makes it sound like you have found the locking that you ask about lower down. When you write, 'There is quite some spring in it.'

, do you mean that you can push the carriage all the way to the right (to put the typing point at the left margin) and then when you push (or pull, whichever) the carriage release, then the carriage spring pulls the carriage back to the left? If so, that part is normal and the problem is in the escapement. Or do you mean to say that the type prints OK on paper but the carriage does not move left when you type unless you are putting pressure on the carriage from the right end? If so, then the problem is in the drawband or, less likely, the mainspring.

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First fix is easy; second is hard. Or do you mean something else? BTW, this does not 'write in black, red and white ink'.

It only types in red if there is red on the ribbon that is installed, and the white setting signifies the setting for making stencils, which were masters for Mimeograph machines, which do not use the ribbon at all. If you have seen ribbons half black and half white, the white is a 'correction' material which actually makes quite a mess in typewriters. (In fact, it will type in whatever color ribbon is installed: blue, purple, green, etc.) HTH. The first part is normal and not a problem, I know. I mentioned this because I would think this means that there is not a problem with the spring, since the carriage is pulled to the left.


The second part, exactly! I can move the carriage by releasing it and letting it move a tiny bit left, but it doesn't move by itself when I type. If you say that is a hard fix, I think I might just give up and give it to someone who has the skills and the energy.

Right, thanks! I kind of knew about the ribbons. What I meant was that both the black and the red ribbon are fully functional, which I think is pretty cool. I've never used a typewriter before in my life so I guess I'm easily impressed. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me! Concentrating on that second part: you're still saying you have to 'release' the carriage in order to get it to move left. Shouldn't have to 'release' it; if there's spring tension on it moving it left when you press (or pull) the carriage release lever, then it should also move left when you type a letter.

The escapement should automatically release the carriage to move one space left for each letter typed. If it does not, then there is probably a problem with the escapement, but there is no easily-accessible way to 'release' the escapement; it's pretty hidden deep inside. So exactly what are you doing to get the carriage to move one space left when you type a letter? You 'release' something and 'let it move a tiny bit left'. I can't picture what is going on. Do you have to give it a slight push to the left?