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Length 25:00 Equipment Yoga Mat (or miniMat) Focus Stretching and Recovery Review We will use this Stretch workout during all 3 phases of T25. I really enjoy this one and it really targets all the muscles we have been attacking throughout the week, and leaves you feeling refreshed. Compared to some of Shaun T’s other stretching workouts, I think this one is my favorite. I find the 2 recovery workouts in Insanity to be too hard on the body, there are just too many holds and pulses for it to be a true recovery. Relief and Off-Day Stretch from Insanity Asylum Volumes 1 & 2 are better, but I feel like Stretch is the most focused, and uses the 25 minutes way more efficiently.

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I highly recommend, you spend the 25 minutes each week to do this workout as scheduled, because your body needs it. The Exercises Exercise #1 – Alternating Knee Holds Just alternate grabbing each knee and pulling it into your chest. Exercise #2 – Control Knee Hold Now hold the knee up until Shaun T tells you to switch for the other side. Make sure to maintain good posture throughout. Exercise #3 – Alternating Straight Leg Kick Now we alternate kicking each leg into the air, while keeping it straight. When the leg is at the top, meet it with the fingers of the opposite hand.

Exercise #4 – Calf Stretch Extend one leg slightly in front of the other and only place the heel on the ground. Bend the back leg, while keeping the front leg straight. Grab and hold the front toe to stretch out the calf. Switch when Shaun T tells you. Train to pakistan novel pdf. Exercise #5 – Squat + Hip Flexor (L) Do a basic squat and then extend the leg straight behind you, like a lunge but the back leg is straight.

This stretches out the hip flexor. After that go back into the squat and repeat. Exercise #6 – Hip Flexor Hold (L) Now we just hold the hip flexor stretch. Sink as low as you can into the stretch.

Exercise #7 – Hip Flexor (L) + Arms Up Stay in the stretch with the arms up by your ears. Exercise #8 – Squat + Hip Flexor (R) We are doing the same sequence on the other side. Exercise #9 – Hip Flexor Hold (R) Shaun T tells you to squeeze the glute and then drop in even lower, to get the most out of the stretch.

Focus T25 Stretch Workout

Exercise #10 – Hip Flexor (R) + Arms Up This is the hardest move in the workout for me, it really burns out my quads. Exercise #11 – Lateral Lunge (L) Stand with your feet together and then step your feet apart and go down into a lunge on the left side. Touch the inside of the foot of the bent knee with your opposite hand, and have the other arm extending behind you. Step your feet together and come back up, before repeating. Exercise #12 – Lateral Lunge Hold (L) Now we hold down in the lateral lunge position.

Cross your arms in front of your chest and rest your forehead on your hands. Make sure to keep your back flat and core tight as you hold the lunge. Exercise #13 – Center Hold + Touch Floor Stay down and come to the center and put your palms on the floor. You can spread your legs a little further apart, but make sure they stay straight. At the end of the hold we roll up nice and slow.

Exercise # 14 – Lateral Lunge (R) Now we are doing the lunge taps on the other side. Exercise #15 – Lateral Lunge Hold (R) Now we are holding the lunge down again, with our forehead on our hands.

Make sure to sit back into the heel. Exercise #16 – Center Hold + Touch Floor Go back to the center again. Exercise #17 – Cradle Knee Hug (L) Lift your leg up and grab under the outside of the foot and knee. Find your balance as you hold the cradle. Exercise #18 – Prayer Hands (L) Stay in the cradle but release your hands into a prayer position.

Bend the knee of the supporting leg and sink your butt down, while staying balanced. Exercise #19 – Cradle Knee Hug (R) Now we are cradling the other side. Exercise #20 – Prayer Hands (R) Back to the prayer hands on the other side. Push the leg against the knee as you bend down. Exercise #21 – Flat Back V-Hold Stand with your feet spread apart.

Focus T25

Extend your arms into the air in a V shape. Now bend down, while keeping your back and legs straight. You should be bending at the hips. Exercise #22 – Torso Twist From that position put one hand on the floor and twist your body open, so that your are looking up at the hand that is in the air. Focus on flexing the quads, during the exercise. Half way through we switch to the other side.

Exercise #23 – Cat-Cow Stand with your legs apart and knees bent. Place your hands on your knees and bend down to a flat back. Then round your back and come back up. Keep repeating for the time provided. Exercise #24 – Elbow Squat Hold Wedge your elbows against the inside of your knees and hold a squat position. Exercise #25 – Down Dog + Knee In (L) Get down into Downward Dog position and lift the the leg as high off the ground behind you as you can. Then bring the knee into the elbow and then take it back out in the air.

We do this same move in Yoga X during P90X. Exercise #26 – Down Dog + Calf Stretch (L) From Downward Dog, lift your right foot off the ground and it over your left ankle and push back to stretch out the calf. This is a popular calf stretch in Insanity Asylum.

Focus T25 Stretch Workout

Exercise #27 – Down Dog + Knee In (R) Same sequence on the other side. Exercise #28 – Down Dog + Calf Stretch (R) Now we are doing the calf stretch on the other side. Exercise #29 – Child’s Pose Get down on your knees in Child’s Pose. Push your butt to your heels and your arms out in front of you, to lengthen your lower back.

Exercise #30 – Table Top + Arm Reach Get up onto your hands and knees. With your knees in line with your hips and hands in line with your shoulders. Reach out your left arm as far in front of you as you can. Bring it back down and switch sides, when Shaun T tells you. Exercise #31 – Spider Static Stretch You should know these from the workouts.

Focus T25

Get into plank position and then bring one leg up to your elbow, with the bent knee connected to it. We switch sides half way through. Exercise #32 – Low Pigeon (L) Put your knees on the mat and turn to the side. Extend the leg that is closest to the the screen back behind you and just place the top of the foot on the ground. Keep the other leg bent and turn the foot out to the side. Then just bend down, however far is comfortable with your hands together and arms extended in front of you. Don’t force yourself in this move, just do what is comfortable.

Exercise #33 – “S” Torso (L) From the pigeon sit up and bend the back leg so that your legs are now in an “S” shape. Place your hand on your knee and twist your torso to stretch out your spine. Exercise #34 – “S” Quad (L) Come out of the torso stretch but keep your legs where they are. Bend your back leg up and grab the ankle with your hand to stretch out the quad. Keep your other hand in front of you with the palm on the ground. Make sure your back knee stays on the ground.

Exercise #35 – High Pigeon (L) Now lift back into the Pigeon, but don’t go down deep. Just focus on pushing the hip into the ground. Exercise #36 – Low Pigeon (R) Now we get into the low Pigeon on the other side. Exercise #37 – “S” Torso (R) Now we make the “S” facing the other way. Exercise #38 – “S” Quad (R) Quad stretch on the other side. Exercise #39 – High Pigeon (R) Back up into the High Pigeon.

T25 Stretch Review

Make sure your body is completely square. Exercise #40 – Bent Knee Hip-Up Get down on your back with your feet on the ground and your hands down by your side. Lift and lower your hips up and down slowly. Make sure you squeeze your glutes at the top. Exercise #41 – Hip-Up Hold Now hold the top of the hip-up and interlock your hands underneath your butt. Exercise #42 – Single Leg Knee Hold Lie back down on the ground. Extend one leg in front of you and pull the other knee into your chest with both hands.

Switch half way through the exercise. Exercise #43 – Dual Knee Hold Now we bring both knees in.

Make sure to keep your head on the floor and lengthen your back. Exercise #44 – Knee Crossover Stretch Put both your feet on the floor. Lift one leg up and place the foot on top of your other knee. Now holding both knees lift your legs back off the ground, stretching your glutes. Switch sides half way through the exercise.

That’s it you just completed stretch. Hopefully, your body feels a lot better than it did 25 minutes ago.