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Update September 2017: Due to a high demand of people who want to grow their instagram accounts but find very difficult to setup FollowLiker we’re offering a new service for you. You can check it out. Also, make sure you join our for Instagram influencers to get more information and a free trial of our service. A social media account with a large number of followers is always a must for every professional business. But growing a social media profile takes lots of effort and a lot of time so you better start growing your account now!

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Mar 12, 2017 Here's my full review on FollowLiker Instagram edition. This should clear up questions you have if you're thinking about purchasing it or want to see the.

In this article we are talking about Follow Liker, a cheap, fast and efficient way to grow your Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr accounts. We’ll show everything you need to know in this Follow Liker Review! Once you start using Follow liker in your account, you’ll start growing your follower base right away. This picture shows the notifications on my phone, which is full of notifications about new followers, likes and comments in my accounts every minute or even seconds!

Keep reading this Follow Liker Review to learn how to install this amazing tool right away to start getting followers on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or even Tumblr! By the way, if what you are looking for is growing your fan base on Facebook, you’ll find very useful our guide about.

For businesses and professional Facebook accounts, this is by far the best way to do it. But this time we are going to focus mainly on the Instagram Edition. What is Follow Liker? Follow Liker is a software that allows you to automate social media tasks in order to increase engagement and grow your follower base. Followliker is for any user that needs to grow social media accounts efficiently and faster than the standard way. Don’t misunderstood this, Followliker is not a software that gets you tons of followers all at the same time in your account, it doesn’t work that way.

With Follow Liker you get real followers little by little continuously by automating tasks that make your account active 24/7 (or you can actually set a customized schedule for each account). That means you get a few amount of followers daily and it is up to you to improve your content to increase the followers you get per day. In other words, Followliker makes your account act as if you were liking, commenting and following people between many other tasks, to make it look real and natural to the eyes of others. This way, your account is always active and engaging with hundreds of users daily. Is matter of time and consistency that an active account with great content becomes popular. Whether you want to promote yourself as a public figure, sell products or engage with your clients, the main goal is to own a huge follower base that actually engages with your content. You need quantity but mostly quality, and this is how Followliker helps you to grow your account.

It maintains your account active while you create great content to share. Advantages and Benefits of Follow Liker The main goal of Followliker users is to automate several tasks that take lots of time to do. That’s why this multitasking software allows us to forget those tasks and focus on other more important activities to be more productive. There are significant benefits you get using Followliker: Save Time by automating all kind of social media tasks that little by little make a huge change in your account activity and the way people engage with your content. Save Money by managing your accounts without other services and people involved. And always remember: TIME IS MONEY. Grow Follower Base naturally and constantly the fastest way.

Follow Liker boosts your account growth in a natural and safe way if you use it correctly. Increase Account Activity to achieve many business goals: Get free targeted traffic to boost conversions. Followliker helps you to get followers that really care about your content. That why, when you publish something, your audience will be interested and you’ll notice way more engagement. Get Free Traffic of your own followers.

Don’t forget that the quality of your content improves your account activity. The more quality the more followers, and the more followers the more free targeted traffic. Tracking Results & Stats is easy and fast inside the Followliker dashboard. See all social media tasks done and daily results at a glance.

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Social Networks on Follow Liker Follow Liker is currently available for: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. You can get three types of licenses according to your goals:. 1 Account License: Recommended if you really need to grow only one account. 5 Accounts License: Recommended for users with only 2 to 5 accounts. Unlimited accounts license: The best deal if you want to grow several accounts at a time. Follow Liker Pricing according to the amount of accounts you would like to grow.

It also offers packages of two social networks for a cheaper price. Followliker is not a membership service, it charges a one time payment and your license, and no matter which type of license you choose it includes 24/7 support. I can’t sending direct message with one of my clients account. The account is very young, younger than 2 months. I have using low intensity the follows and unfollows, and beginned the direct message sending 6-15/day after that I increased that 11-21, 11-30, day after day. But after 3 days Followlieker send 0-2 message/day, while we get more followers. (followin and unfollowing is working) My client was impatient and she send the messages manually.

Today I told she, be patient, because lots of manually message can disorient things. So she will not send direct message on this week for new followers manually. The automatic DM sending don’t working now. What is your advice? We use 3 type of message.

I tried another proxy or shorter messages unsuccesfully. On another account direct message sending function is working. Hi hope you are well, i recently purchased the twitter/instagram edition followerliker and i am not yet to clued up on how to tweak this software to gain atleast 500-1000 followers a day, note that i am actually offering this as a service so i need to offer my clients good service, i tried all the tweaks to gain the packages that i set out.’ I am keen on knowing if it is possible to gain 4k followers in 30 days, and also if you advise this for a new account. Also in this trial period i put two of buisness accounts on followerliker with diffrent settings (very high tweaked though) and now both accounts blocked, how long does is it take to unblock?

Followliker Instagram Edition

I really need your assistance in this guys, my investor wants answers in why my methods are not working in relation to packages we offer. I highly recommend you to check the Users Guide: Go to –.

Login with your account details. On the left sidebar click on “Instagram” and then you’ll find the tutorials of each of the software features. Click on “Like Photos” and you’ll find this between the explanation: “Step 3.

To find/like a user’s photos/videos, select “User’s Photo” under “Query Type”, enter the Instagram username in the “Query” field and save.” There you’ll find everything you need to know about the software. I hope this helps! I’m helping for some Instagram accounts to growing. There are some account, where the growing is stabile (60-150 new followers/day). There are some accounts where are lots of problem. I have to stop again and again the program.

I think I don’t use to much intensity. 2 examples: 1.One of these accounts I started using the program in September. The account is active from Februar and it was really active with lots of post. I started with conservative settings: 300-400 following/day, but it isn’t working. I had to stop the program, because the following isn’t working. I stopped the „like” function, but I using DM and „Share photo/video” 5 times/week in the same project. Yesterday I changed the settings, I use 200-250 followings/day.

2.On other page the first 18 days I got 3000 new followers, but after that I got lots of problem and temporary bans. I had to stop again and again I just read today about the monthly fee, so I didn’t pay that yet. Can this be related to the problem? Can this increase the chance of temporary bans? Hey Servando, first of- thank you so much for your effort and guide to this. Really grateful. I just got it, and I am having some troubles knowing.


I’ve had Instagram for years, and I got few thousand followers originally before this. So I wonder how my settings should be? I am so scared to be blocked that I have them very low. What could I have the “like” setting on? Could you guide me a little bit if possible? 800 likes a day- is that too much of a limit or little?

I get about 25 new followers a day, and I think that’s very little compared to what I see other people get. Would really appreciate your guidance, Love, Joanna. Hi, Really love this software.

I considered buying it for several months, Actually I added many accounts in twitter follower but i dont know its working fine or not some times showing successful running sometimes no show for the accounts. I can add the proxy for some accounts that accounts when i do the right click on proxy twitter account open new browser that account is not opened so what i will do the settings for that.Lastly when i add the more twitter accounts each account has to stopped and again i start it? Each proxy how many accounts added?

Thanks Manju. Really love this software. I considered buying it for several months, but wasn’t sure I wanted to pay for free social media. But then I decided, whats the point in having Instagram, if I don’t have a successful Instagram?

Follow Liker Instagram


I am using Followliker, have it set to the conservative default settings, and am getting around 50 new followers a day, using mostly “follow people with this hashtag” and “follow this users followers”. It’s nice because I can set it and forget. But then later I can change my settings. Also you don’t need to buy the VPS. I run it on my PC and there is no monthly cost unlike with all the competitors. That to me is FL best feature.

I could shoot for 100-200 new followers a day, but it’s not worth the risk getting banned, for a single account. If I was playing with multiple accounts I’d be more aggressive. I have used Followliker for more than a year and after that I use Massplanner for long period. I admit that both software are similar and excellent but it depened of the people who use them. For longer use I think that FollowLiker is cheaper because you can buy Unlimited Accounts License for 97$ or full Edition for 391$ and Massplanner you need to pay 10$ every month + if you want more option you need to buy extra modules.

For beginners I suggest Massplanner because has a little bit more beautiful interface and you don’t need to give much money. Also I suggest if you put your fresh social account on any of these software before you start to use it to warm up with a little amount of followers or likes.

The easiest way is to buy it. I do that for every account I start it fresh. I buy 100-200 followers,likes and from the site I buy they always give me bonus likes on my picture or posts and my account look more nature and is properly warm-up. Here is the site If you follow this warm-up I guaranteed you that your social accounts will never be banned. Hope my comment will help someone. Best Regards. Hi, I’ve had follow liker for about a week now, however I have found that unless I update my hash tags daily, it doesn’t work.

I haven’t changed settings since Saturday, and looking at my statistics, follow liker has only liked 45 photos since and no follows at all. Would you say this is in the settings, or a technical issue?? Prior to purchasing follow liker I had 1,420 followers and have only gained 30 followers since, and also seems there is more action with following users rather than gaining new followers. Settings: Scrape photos/followers – 300 hashtags/users Daily like limit – 200-1000 Daily follow limit – 200-500 Please help me out!

As I was really excited to see growth with my account, but hasn’t helped mush as yet. It seems that you have to test to find out what works better for your account. First, if you have a daily follow limit from 200 to 500, followliker should have been following a number between this range. You can check how many users it follows in the statistics section. Right-click on the account name and click on stats. If followliker is not following people, you will find it there.

The main way to get followers with followliker is to follow people expecting them to follow you back. If followliker is not following users is mainly for two reasons: You account is temporarily blocked(which you can check trying to follow someone manually and if it doesn’t allow you, it means it´s blocked) or that the account you set to copy the followers is very small. If your account is blocked, simply pause followliker for 2 or 3 days and then restart it. Remember you must post at least once a day, but I’ve found that it´s better to post twice or even 3 times a day in order to avoid being blocked so often. Also, lower the daily like limit, use a similar number in both.

On average, an account should gain at least 80-100 followers per day with followliker, so you just need to modify the settings and learn how to use it to make it work with your account. Check this and tell me what is happening, I’ll be around if you need more help! I honestly have to warn about Follow Liker. I tried it and it’s absolute garbage. I changed to Mass Planner in no time! Save yourself the nerves and NEVER buy this.

With MP everything is smooth sailing, it’s a software with excellent support, it’s very easy to use and works great. Follow Liker’s support is horrible. They answer very late, give you zero information and are really unfriendly and not helping at all. The software failed so many times and sometimes stopped working for a week or two because of a problem that would have been one click in Mass Planner. But hey at least in Follow Liker you can decide if you want the layout to be blue, red or purple;D It’s so ridiculous, I could write such a long review about all the laughable parts of my Follow Liker fail but I’m just making it short and telling everyone who reads this: Don’t buy it, just don’t. Worst software, sassiest support, absolute failure.

Followliker is definitely not for people who are not tech-savvy. We actually don’t really have problems with them, but some people wouldn’t even be able to install it cause they have no idea how to setup a VPS.

That’s why we wrote this guide. Initially the learning curve was “medium-hard” but after a couple months it’s all easy to do for us. There are a lot of tools out there and most of them have good interfaces and everything but I agree with you that MassPlanner is quite good (price is higher). UPDATE: For the guys who are still considering MassPlanner, they just got shut down by Instagram/Facebook. Not sure what will happen with Followliker but instagress also got shut down a month ago so I’m curious about it.

Thanks for the warning, Laura. I was at Udemy.com earlier today, and watched a preview of a course “Instagram Marketing Bot: Automate Your Account Effortlessly”, and am watching a preview for this course and it mentions “FollowLiker”. So, before buying this $10 video tutorial course, I search “FollowLiker” and find their website. The website looks cheap and the reviews appear to be fake.

No money-back guarantee. No satisfaction guarantee. This review is obviously a review to earn affiliate income. Please don’t comment without knowing. This review is for affiliate income?

Please let me know were you find the followliker affiliate links in this review. I don’t even know if they have an official affiliate program but last time I checked (last year), they didn’t. As simple and cheap as you see their website, their software works quite well.

Follow Liker Instagram Free Download

The software has an ugly UI too, and it’s not for non tech-savvy people (Laura, for example), but it works and does it’s job which is the most important part of the strategy. Mass planner is great too, and they have a great UI but a higher price. So it’s up to you to choose what fits your budget. Download alpha blondy yitzhak rabin rar. Also, I removed the 3 backlinks you left in your comment which looked more like SPAM than anything else Kris. Abi, some niches are more likely to have more engagement than others. It’s the nature of some niches to be more popular than others.

Another important thing is that the content you post should be great in order to receive likes and comments. Also, the more you grow your account the more engagement you receive, and it takes time to have thousands of real followers. Don’t forget that Followliker is a tool that provides sustainable growth over time. If you are looking for engagement, Followliker is a great tool among others that you can use at the same time to grow your account correctly.

Follow Liker Twitter Edition helps you gain many followers on Twitter. It also makes your twitter marketing and account management very easy.

You can follow users, unfollow users, post tweets, retweet, reply tweets, favorite tweets. Be in touch with your followers through direct messages. Simply add your accounts, click the start button and see the reward. You will be amazed how much followers your accounts can amass. It's powerful, straight forward and easy to use. Get a copy of FollowLiker Twitter Edition today!