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Having trouble locating your Frigidaire product manuals? Worry no more. Frigidaire manuals have been made available via free download in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. My Frigidaire refrigerator's icemaker is not working. Customer Question. Wonderful service, prompt, efficient, and accurate. Couldn't have asked for more.

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Love the frig hate the water Well, my husband i decide it was time to buy new kitchen appliances and so after reviewing and contimplating we decided to go with the frigidaire gallery series set of dishwasher, stove and. Well, my husband i decide it was time to buy new kitchen appliances and so after reviewing and contimplating we decided to go with the frigidaire gallery series set of dishwasher, stove and refrigerator. The refrigerator was all set up and we have had it for a little over 2 months. I really am happy with the purchase we made and couldnt be more happier. Well, i guess i could be a little happier if the water in the door tasted better. The whole reason we got a refrigerator with a icemaker and water dispenser is so we wouldnt have to buy so much bottled water. The water is pretty gross to me but not as much to my husband.

The filter is still good so that isnt the problem. The ice maker is also a little annoying but completely able to live with.

It makes a short buzzing noise and then goes away. There is plenty of room in the refrigerator and in the freezer and overall this is a awesome refrigerator and freezer all in one that i would buy again! Unsatisfied with Frigidaire's Gallery Refridgerater Frigidaire Has been an American Icon known for it's reliability for many generations. I remember our family having one in the 1960's.

Still being around I though surely this had to be a. Frigidaire Has been an American Icon known for it's reliability for many generations.

I remember our family having one in the 1960's. Still being around I though surely this had to be a great produce. Oh how disappointed I am. I purchased my Frigidaire's Gallery Refridgerater in 2004. Within one month it quit cooling and the thermostat had to be replaced. The Ice Maker has never worked right. Because of the way it has been designed the metal bar that raises when ice is dropped never is raised high enough to let the ice maker know it is full.

Therefore it is always producing ice with it spilling over into the freezer. I was informed by the service company that Electralux, now the maker of the Frigidaire's Gallery Refrigerator, was aware of this issue. Electralux came out with some noneffective quick solutions. The serviceman added a thin little wire attaching it to the metal bar in hope that it would raise the metal bar high enough to turn off the ice maker when it is full. This does not work.

They also added a plastic sleeve that slips on the side of the ice holder to keep the ice from spilling into the freezer. The ice maker continues to make ice and if you do not use it fast enough it gets so tight in the ice holder it still spills out. I have a friend who bought the same Frigidaire's Gallery Refrigerator and has the same issues with the ice maker. The Frigidaire's Gallery Refrigerator has a Ice dispenser in the door that gives you the option of ice cubes or crushed ice.

Sometimes without choice I get crushed ice which for some reason goes all over the place instead of just in the glass when it comes out. I have found that a lever in the rear of the freezer that goes up and down is sticking and I have to remove the ice container and a few items to unstick it to get Ice Cubes. The Frigidaire's Gallery Refrigerator has always made weird noises which I found to be the ice maker. Now it is making another weird noise and I am afraid of what is to come from it. I am very disappointed with my American Icon. I just got off the phone with Sandra at customer service after an 1 1/2 hour trying to rectify a problem about our 2 year old refrigerator that broke. We had a repairman come to service the refrigerator that no longer was keeping food cold.

The technician stated it was a compressor failure. We had called customer service and were told that there is only a one year limited warranty on their refrigerators and that there was nothing that Frigidaire could do at this time.

The cost of the repairs was more at least half of the purchase price of the refrigerator plus the cost of the service call. After not having a refrigerator for two weeks we had not choice but to purchase a new refrigerator. The sales person steered us toward Frigidaire. We told the sales person what happened and she was shocked to hear our story as this part is not something that typically fails after two years.

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We had no choice but to buy a new refrigerator for $550. This being said, we've spent over $900 on Frigidaire products in 2 years. The sales person suggested we raise our concerns with Frigidaire, We contacted Frigidaire today and after a 1 1/2 hour wait we are told by the customer service manager that Frigidaire could have offered assistance with the repair. That was not offered to us a week ago when we called and were shut down by the first customer service representative. I would not recommend Frigidaire to any of my friends and clients. Beware of Frigidaire.

I own several properties have 2 Frigidaire 'Gallery' Refrigerators. The one I am complaining about is model DGUS2645LF4 Serial Number is in my home.

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I was sitting in my home living room when it appeared from the noise in the kitchen that the dishwasher started on its own?? When I went into the kitchen to investigate, I found water pouring out of the refrigerator water spout onto my floor. Had I not been home, the rate of flow out of that spout would have flooded my entire hours in a just a few hours. I tried to click the level that releases water out of the spout and the water would stop for about 10 seconds, then restart pouring out again on its own. This behavior clearly indicated the circuit board in the refrigerator had failed to detect whether the level causing water to be dispensed was pushed or not.

I buy ice instead of using the poor quality refrigerator generated ice so the ice bin was empty. When I switched to ice cube mode, the ice dispenser also repeatedly made noise trying to dispense ice that was not in the bin. This setting change at least gave me time to pull out the refrigerator and cut off the water to stop it from flooding my house. After cutting off the water, I went back to the dispense water setting, so the ice cube dispensing noise would stop. At that point there was no further noise or water (because I cut off the water).

However, the light stayed on the dispensing unit on the front of the refrigerator and could not be turned off. Again all of these factors indicated the controlling circuit board had failed. So, if you want a refrigerator that floods your house when it fails, Frigidaire is a great choice. I have no idea what deprived person designed this board or how many Frigidaire models use this circuit board.

I really don't like this refrigerator. We bought our current home as a short sale. There were several previous renters after the original owners moved on. This fridge has not withstood the test of time.

The inside of the unit is falling apart. The outside is dented and is missing the floor plate. The stainless steal is easy to smudge. One of the drawers for veggies or meats is missing, probably because it broke. The second drawer is about to break, which makes me nervous to put anything in it. The interior has cracks in the lining.

The unit is EXTREMELY loud. It's the loudest thing in the house. On a scale of 1/10 for freezer space, I'd give it a 4. For fridge space, I'd give it a 5. For durability, I'd give it a 1. This fridge sucks for us. I do not recommend it whatsoever.

Noise Level SO LOUD. All I hear are hums, buzzes, and a weird electrical sound that reminds me of a short.

Interior Organization Not enough. Durability There are about five things broken or structurally problematic with ours. We have had our Frigidaire Side-by-Side Refrigerator for nearly two and a half years now, and it is working just as well now as the first day. It has never given us a moments problem.

Even though we have our Refrigerator in a place that doesn't allow the Refrigerator door to open to its full capacity, the design of the Refrigerator allows us to remove the shelves in the door so that we can pull out the bins easily for cleaning. If the door shelves didn't remove so easily it would be very difficult for us to clean. The Freezer has worked great for us, the capacity has been much more than our traditional Refrigerator ever held. I have been able to freeze produce from my garden, several loaves of bread (without mushing them), and frozen pizzas stack nicely on their side. The surface is easy to clean and scratch resistant as well, always a bonus with children in the house! We got our Fridigaire Gallery side by side with our new home - first night that we moved in - I noticed that the ice maker sounded like a jet taking off. And that the Refrigerator temp was hovering around 45 degrees (f) - The next day - the jet was landing and the freezer temp was now - 30.

Refrigerator was still at 46 degrees - even though I had set it down to 35. Well - long story short - the repair guy came out - looked at it and said - yep it's broke - and hauled it away. The applicance retailer ended up giving us a brand new one - same model. The new one didn't sound like a jet - but it does have it's quirks. We're a family of 5 and we stock up on food when it's on sale. This is not a freezer that you can overstuff - we've done that a couple of times and everytime - the freezer won't shut off - both time's I've caught it before it got too cold - but it's annoying. Apparently there is an air ciculation issue - if you block it - then the thing doesn't know when to shut off.

The other issue is the ice maker - it doesn't know when to stop making ice and if it overflows - chucks of ice could end up on the defroster for the refrigerator which causes it to not shut down - causing the refrigerator to heat up. When it works - it's a great frig, just a tad touchy Noise Level icemaker is a bit noiser than most. Interior Organization love this. We have had ours for about 2 years now, and It works really well.

We are just now needing to replace the filter in the water filtration system. It lasts a really long time. The only thing that would make me not recommend this right away to someone is the ice maker. The ice maker is so loud, not when it makes the ice, but at odd times the ice will trickle out the back and run down clattering all the way down the back of the freezer. It's not too annoying until its 2AM and I jump out of bed ready to blow a hole in an intrudeer and instead really think about shooting the ice maker, but don't because I don't want to have to buy another one or pay bale to get out of jail. I would recommend the fridge, but not the ice maker.

We have had this refrigerator for several years and it hasn't been the best appliance. The freezer side seems so much smaller than some side by sides and it is hard to fit frozen pizzas in it although I know that a lot of side by side refrigerators have this problem.

The shelves are easy to clean in this fridge. It does have a ice and water dispenser in the outside of the door which is nice and it even has a light on it which makes it nice at night if the lights are out. The doors in the fridge side can hold gallon size milks and larger items which is very convienent. The main complaint that I have with this refrigerator is that the seals don't seem to hold like they used to.

When the fridge side is closed sometimes it makes the freezer side open slightly which can cause problems if you don't notice it right away. I don't know if this is a manufactuer problem or just normal wear and tear but it seems like this shouldn't happen and I have never had this happen with any other refrigerator before. I have owned a basic top freezer, frigidaire refriderator for four years, and love it! It is stainless steel look alike and no one can tell the difference.

It is roomy inside, plenty of room for all my food. Works for my small kitchen alcove. Only needed to buy the optional ice-maker to complete the install. Attractive stainless finish for 21st century styling. Very decent pricing and as much as I would have preferred a huge double door walk-in, this one fits me comfortably.

I bought this refrigerator, along with the matching dishwasher, and ceramic stove top/oven in 2007.This refrigerator runs quietly; cools evenly and quickly; has clear, deep; and well positioned shelves. I knew I was purchasing quality, and at a great price. The removable shelves are easy to remove and clean. This refrigerator has a shelve just for your cans.

Ice maker works well. No complaints at all with this purcahse!

Frigidaire refrigerators keep foods fresh, cool and ready to serve, so you can chill your favorite ready-to-eat veggies or store leftovers for the next day's lunch. The company offers French door, side-by-side, compact, single door and top freezer styles, a variety that can suit a range of needs for homes or break rooms. Customizable Many models feature customizable doors. The on the interior of these custom flex doors can be moved around effortlessly on rails and include things like can dispensers, large, small and medium bins, and dairy compartments. These let you get the perfect fridge design for your needs instead of bending your storage preferences to a pre-made, static design. Counter Depth Refrigerators typically extend past the typical depth of counters, taking up additional kitchen floor space, but some Frigidaire designs remove this extra depth. This design ensures the front of the fridge is flush with your counters, giving you back valuable floor area and making the kitchen look smoother.

This smooth transition is also less obtrusive when you clean the floors. Filtered Water Frigidaire refrigerators often have included water filters that provide filtered water for drinking and ice. These filters provide you with fresh, clean water that is cool and thirst-quenching, though they do need to be replaced occasionally. Use Sears PartsDirect's convenient in the parts catalogue to find the proper filter for your model.

Frigidaire refrigerators can last years with the appropriate maintenance. To find the best parts for your DIY repair job or to get expert advice for the best results, choose the type of category from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698. Script section containing code for 24x7 chat solution Refrigerator Frigidaire. FREE Standard Shipping on orders of $ or more Purchase requirement calculated before taxes and shipping charges and after other discounts have been applied and must be made in a single transaction. Cannot be applied to previous purchases and cannot be redeemed for cash.

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