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This info is in the registry, if it helps. HKEYLOCALMACHINE HARDWARE DESCRIPTION System BIOS 'BiosMajorRelease'=dword:00000004 'BiosMinorRelease'=dword:00000006 'ECFirmwareMajorRelease'=dword:000000ff 'ECFirmwareMinorRelease'=dword:000000ff 'BaseBoardManufacturer'='Dell Inc.' 'BaseBoardProduct'='0YJPT1' 'BaseBoardVersion'='A00' 'BIOSReleaseDate'=' 'BIOSVendor'='Dell Inc.' 'BIOSVersion'='A03' 'SystemFamily'='To be filled by O.E.M.' 'SystemManufacturer'='Dell Inc.' 'SystemProductName'='XPS 8500' 'SystemSKU'='To be filled by O.E.M.' Rise of nations game.


'SystemVersion'=' If the info you need is in there, it'll be a lot easier reading the registry than using wmi IMHO.

Birthday Bios V4.3.0

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