Glass Slide File Cabinet

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Lateral File Cabinet

Slide, Cassette, and Tissue Block Storage. And storage of glass slides. And features as our Micro-Slide Cabinet (Cat# 74780-20). Each file comes with three. Histology Glass Blood Slide Cabinets and paraffin tissue block and cassette drawers shelving shelves for medical pathology lab specimen and hospital samples storage.

Single-click to enlarge the desired sliding file cabinet picture below. (ref:GAL:2389) We provide sliding lateral file cabinets to maximize office floorspace. These rolling office filing cabinets allow you to free up space for more cubicles or office equipment.

2 Slide File Cabinet With Seater

In most cases we can supply rolling bases for your existing cabinets. The way the set-up works is that one back row remains stationary while the front rows move back and forth on tracks. Employees can move the front rows to gain access to the back row. You can also add rolling doors to secure stored item in the sliding cabinets. For more information about sliding lateral file cabinets and rolling office filing cabinets, please call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083.