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简介: 语言:英语 网址:类别:教程 Gnomonology - Sculpting A Rock Face with Alphas,Gnomonology 出品的岩石表面塑造教程,由雕塑家 Vibol Moeung 主讲。教程中 Vibol Moeung 将使用 ZBrush 和 Photoshop 创建一个真实的环境,以此过程带领学习。同时还讲解了关于 Alphas 的技巧与秘诀,以及 Alphas 造型和摄影参考。教程是 QuickTime 的 MOV 格式,时长不足二十分钟,ISO 中另带有在教程中出现过的一些素材资源。 Gnomonology - Sculpting A Rock Face (with Alphas) In Sculpting A Rock Face, sculptor Vibol Moeung takes us through the process of creating a realistic environment using ZBrush and Photoshop. Starting with a ZBrush primitive Vibol quickly blocks out the rock face. Then using the move brush he roughs in the overall structure. The rock face is detailed with alphas created in Photoshop as well as with the Rake brush in ZBrush. Included in this tutorial is a brief how-to for creating your own alphas and tips and tricks for using them to create realistic terrain. Also includes sculpting alphas and photographic reference.

Rock face

Image Of Man Sculpting A Rock With Hammer

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Rock Face

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آموزش Gnomonology – Sculpting a Rock Face نیم ساعت آموزش چندرسانه ای آموزش Gnomonology – Sculpting Brushes. The rock face is detailed with alphas created in Photoshop as well. This tutorial also includes sculpting alphas and. Sculpting A Rock Face (with Alphas). National air security operations center-sierra vista.