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Most architectures with 32-bit and 64-bit variants are in the same arch subdirectory. This has changed over time; x6464 was merged into x86 in 2.6.24, sh64 into sh in 2.6.25, sparc64 into sparc in 2.6.29. Arm64 is still a separate architecture as of 4.7.

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  • Header In Userland Program 18 juin 2017 The mmal API provides an easier to use system than that presented by Open. Note that mmal is a Broadcom specific API used only on Videocore 4 systems.
  • Linux user space PCI driver. Package that can be linked to a user program. Free-electrons.com/source/Documentation/vfio.txt and the header file /usr/include.
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Ppc64 moved to powerpc in 2.6.14 and ppc was finally merged in 2.6.27. Mips64 was merged in the early 2.6 days. So the amd64 headers are in arch/x86.

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Marzocchi bomber z2 manual. Path to x86_64 linux kernel headers. You're trying to compile a userland program with kernel headers. Kernel headers are for compiling modules only.

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But you normally compile programs against libc headers, not against kernel headers. (Even if they sometimes have the same name, they have different contents!) Check that you really need kernel headers — that only happens with programs that use unstable interfaces that can change between kernel versions (e.g. Some low-level debugging interfaces).