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Video Teaser: new update soon. Main menu and PhilZ Settings GUI Preferences: all is applied live (no reboot). Up to 14 menu height settings, scroll sensitivity, touch accuracy.

Here you can download free efs tar md5 shared files found in our database: RESTORE EFS GALAXYII.tar.md5 from 4shared.com host efs.tar(2).md5 mediafire.com 9.67 MB. Before you download MongoDB for your Windows you should know which v. It must be GT-I9100 or GT-I9100P! Do not use the procedures discussed here on any other Galaxy S2.

I9100 ef-s tar

What kernel to choose: The important part is the Kernel code: XW LPX- NEE Kernel code is in red ( LPX), for this example, you need an LPX ROM. However, often, you can mix kernels when they are close: LPF kernel with LPG ROM. NEE code doesn't matter at all, I add it for reference.

It is the CSC XW: mixed, often doesn't matter for close regions. For example, XW and XX are often interchangeable. However, mixing a BU with an XW ROM or inversly, sometimes works, but often ends in a bootloop. In that case, either boot into recovery or download mode to reflash Using the new MULTI-bootanimation feature.

v2.5 and later. This is an original feature I introduced.

Now you can put all your bootanimations on the phone. On each boot, it will play a different animation from your list. If you do not install any bootanimation, the stock Samsung animation will play.

Also, you can go with the old method of putting only one bootanimation.zip(bin) and it will play only that one. If you decide to go through the MULTI-bootanimations looper, follow below instructions:. name your bootanimations as follow: bootanimation1.zip (bin), bootanimation2.zip (bin). BootanimationN.zip (bin). put the zip files in '/data/local' or in '/system/media' folder.

I9100 Ef-s Tar

The bin animations must go into '/data/local'. reboot, and now, on each boot, it will magically scroll through your animations. priority is to '/data/local/bootanimation.bin', then '/data/local/bootanimation.zip' and finally '/system/media/bootanimation.zip'. info: animation number to play on next boot is stored in '/data/local/bootanimation-loop.txt'. If you delete some animations, you should also delete the 'bootanimation-loop.txt'. It will be reset on next boot.


If not, stock Samsung anim could play if loop.txt contains a bigger number than your actual files. In that case, your playlist will be ignored until you delete the loop txt file.

FAQ These are the top 5 posted questions. Quote:.

Can you implement overclock, voltage control, voodoo, special drivers.? This is a stock kernel, not recompiled from source. It is only repacked with changes in ramdisk to add new features and an enhanced cwm based recovery. I do not have plans to start building kernels from source. There are big names in the scene already doing a great job there. Why I can't see your kernel version Phone / About dialog? That's how stock kernels behave.

Version info is in build.prop and comes with the ROM. I can add it but won't as it is that way that stock kernels are supposed to work. You can know the exact kernel version by typing in terminal: getprop Also, in my recovery, there is an About dialog to give you more info about actual recovery which is also tight to kernel.

Tar Md5 File Download

Why your kernel drains more battery? It cannot be. It will act like stock kernel, not better, not worst. Does your kernel perform better than stock?

Same answer as previous. Why sometimes I need to touch twice to validate an option in recovery? This is by design and not a bug. A special feature I added is the option to highlight/validate touched menu.

After you scroll in a menu, your first touch will act as select without validation. This is to avoid any false validation during scroll, the worst limitation for many of the actual touch recoveries including original one. Will you implement exFAT support in recovery? It is done now, but only for JB as it supports exFat.

Quote:. this is a pure stock kernel, kernel is just same as stock, except binary patching MMCCAPERASE. if you have issues such as bootloop, first, try to flash the original stock zImage to see if you still have same issues as with my kernel. some custom kernels do not update your build.prop, it is the case with my kernel, as it is a stock kernel. I can add it, but won't for many specific reasons.

You can flash a LR9 kernel on a LRT ROM, you will still see LRT in your phone/about. That's also true if you flash a Samsung genuine kernel on a different ROM. So, if you flashed many kernels before, be sure to know on what ROM you are and check potential compatibility issues between kernels in post 2. Recovery (.zip) packages instructions - Will also root your phone. recommanded method. They come in the form of -signed.zip files that can be flashed in stock recovery 3e: No Yellow Triangle.

Download xxx-signed.zip kernel matching your ROM. Put the previously downloaded xxx-signed.zip file on your external sd card. Boot into stock recovery (volume up+home+power). Select 'apply update from external storage'.

Now select the xxx-signed.zip file you copied in previous step. You are rooted + new PhilZ-cwm6 kernel with CWM6 Odin packages instructions: ready for root They come in the form of.tar.md5 file. boot into download mode. start odin3 and configure it as in picture below. connect phone in download mode to PC via USB. press start to flash the tar.md5 package. to root, download the root file from here (Method 1).

Download Links -. download one of the two bootanimations (the simplistic one is worth it). extract the rar contents: bootanimation.zip file, do not extract the zip file. put the bootanimation.zip file in your /system/media or /data/local folder.

on reboot, you get the new animation. (16th December 2012), (12th March 2013), (11th December 2012), (9th December 2012), (6th June 2013), (9th December 2012), (25th November 2013), (19th November 2012), (4th July 2014), (11th February 2013), (12th February 2013), (17th July 2013), (15th December 2013), (16th December 2013), (14th February 2013), (4th July 2013), (14th March 2013), (1st July 2013), (23rd May 2013), (10th July 2014), (19th November 2012), (15th July 2013), (19th November 2012), (28th November 2014), (4th June 2013), (31st March 2013).

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