Intel Gma 945 Modded Drivers

Sup guys first of all my specs: - Intel Celeron M processor 440(1.86ghz, 533mhz fsb, 1mb L2 cache) - 512mb ddr2 - Win XP Service Pack 3 - intel gma 950 128mb kk. The problem is that i tryied to install the famous Modded drivers (v 1.2 final) for xp. But then it came with alot of unknown errors like 'Driver hasn't passed the windows logo testint.' I kept clicking on Continue. After that didnt asked me if i wanted to reboot. So i restated my lappy myself. Finally laptop rebooted but ohh.

Intel Gma 945 Modded DriversGmaIntel Gma 945 Modded Drivers

RGH Driver's For Intel GMA 965/X3100 made by BreinzterAce™ a. THIS MODDED DRIVER'S HAS BEEN TESTED BEFORE I. -Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset.

800x600 resolution. I was like what the. Lol i tryied to change it to res but i couldnt. There was no any other option except 1024x768 i checked for driver and didnt found anything. Then on notification area appeared 'new hardware found. Mobile intel 945 chipset.'

And asking me to install the driver. I clicked on yes install hardware but it asked me for a file called 'ialmnt5.sys' i searched for it. The installation was beginning until it appeared more windows asking me if i wanted to replace this file for other one and that for the other one and this for that, etc. I kept clicking on all yes. Until 'Error' ok.

And still no driver installed and same resolution (800x600) fortunately i made a restore point before i installed modded drivers I dont kno guys if i im doin this right but if im doin bad plz tell me the exact way to install modded drivers i would be very pleased. This is the way i did: - Uninstalled intel drivers, REBOOT. After reboot 800x600 - Installed modded drivers, REBOOT - Still 800x600 and asked me for Installing New Hardware. I got teamview but i has spanish lang. Espionage724 16.07.10 15:32. Which.inf u mean? I think there's some misunderstanding here for Mr.

Intel Gma 945 Graphics

Pages: 2 RE: Chell 1.4b GMA 950/965 (X3000)/3000/X3100 -2014-09-09 I made 2 imgur albums regarding an in-depth performance evaluation of the driver. Fraps counter and Passmark Performance Test 7 included.