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If you want to play on L2Sinister - L2 H5 server - and have no Game Account, first of all visit the section, please. Download and Game installation. Download and instal the game client - Lineage 2 High Five - which can be downloaded from these files-storages:. Download our. Place it to the Lineage 2 root folder to update your game (see the picture below).

DELETE the original System folder. ​. Launch the Game by our - ' LineageII.exe' file - which must be placed in Lineage 2 root folder ( e.g. c:/Games/Lineage2-HF/LineageII.exe).

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Hello, i tried to enter your server beta and while i did it i came across strange unknown crush. After i setup L2 hellbound client (the clean and regular version) i extracted your patch into the lineage 2 folder all this while i shutdown my firewall and antivirus programs. Then when i double click on the L2.exe in the system folder i see the logo of the loading for like 2 seconds and then it's crushed or something and disappear, when i open my task manager i see the game trying to load and then suddenly disappear. I also try to log from different internet connections so it's not a problem of block ports antivirus or firewall. I would like to note also that i download your connection diagnostic tool and the results was good and nothing strange or bad. Hope someone can help me with that problem because i really want to play in your server with my friends:).

L2 4 Game L2.exe

Thanks for the helpers.