Mac Os X 10.4 Tiger (install) (x86).iso

Nov 22, 2013 Install MAC 10.4 Tiger from Disc Images (ISO) I am a new MAC user and I have a MAC running 10.1. GBTIS (3 comments) Advertise Here.

Mac Os X 10.4 Upgrade

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You can just put the iso file on a disc. You need to actually burn the ISO image to a disc. You will want to use the links above to do this successfully before you can boot from them. Also, where did you acquire these ISOs? Often installation disks are specific to hardware. Its possible the Installer you have is not bootable on the hardware you have. What type of hardware are you installing on?


What type of hardware was the ISO taken from or was it purchased directly from apple? Also, if you have burned it properly, are you holding C down when booting from the disc? Ok- The ISO is from someone else with the 'flowerpot Mac' Their version was the 17' 1GHZ model. I have the 15' 800 Mhz model.

The previous 9.0 and 10.1 installed fine. These are copies of their original discs I am using.

I have tried the instructions above to burn the ISO image to the disc and it still will not boot. I can get the ISO to mount on the Mac and I can execute the install to 10.4 on the MAC then it requests a reboot. Then nothing happens. Yes I hold down the C key and it does not boot to disc. Unless you can get it to boot from the cd it will not work. When you mount the iso on the mac, it will not stay mounted as your reboot, which is why it will not boot. You could try mounting it, then copying the contents to a folder, then trying the installing from that location, but i would be shocked if that worked.

If you have access to another mac, you could put yours in target disk mode and attach it to that mac. Then mount the iso on that computer and install it to yours. My guess is the disc you have is possibly not compatible with your hardware(back then they were hardware specific). Or maybe you got a bad ISO? Why dont you buy a copy of the original cd off ebay? It cant be very expensive.