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Luxury since 1979 from Paris, France. Marc Dorcel produces movies with a French sensuality, eroticism, gorgeous European Models, and luxurious locations. Their movies, including the lines Luxury, Sophistication, Pornochic, and French Touch, are the most awarded XXX catalog in the world, with extremely strong notoriety in France and very well known in Europe and America.

Marc Dorcel was the first European company to sign exclusive deals with actresses (Laure Sainclair, Alanie Coste, Priscila Sol, Oksana d'Harcourt) and helped develop strong notoriety of Laure Sainclair, Julia Channel, Ovidie, Alanie Coste, Priscila Sol. In 1976, Marc Dorcel published an edition of erotic novels and erotic stories told in photography, the first ever French color XXX-novel told in photography. In 1980, Marc Dorcel went on to produce the first ever European XXX-movie shoot in Video format, 'Jolies Petites Garces'.

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It didn't take long for the awards to start coming in. Michel Ricaud, Marc Dorcel's 'in-house' director won Best European Director in 1992, 1993 and 1994.

Marc Dorcel Films Torrent

In 1994, 'Le Parfum De Mathilde', a very high budget movie produced by Marc Dorcel, became the first European super-production to be acknowledged in the USA. It won the award for Best European film at the 1995 AVN show (the same year they launched their interactive XXX-CD Rom on the French market). Laure Sainclair, Marc Dorcel exclusive actress, wins 6 times the Best European Actress award at various European Award Ceremonies. Marc Dorcel marked his 100th production with the movie 'Labyrinthe' in 1999, the same year 'Le Parfum De Mathilde' becomes the 1st XXX-DVD to be released in France. He also began the new millennium with the launch of his website, and within a few years expanded his internet presence by entering the VOD (Video On Demand) market.

Continuing to make award-winning films with award-winning stars, Marc Dorcel made headlines in both XXX and mainstream French media in 2001 after 'Orgie en Noir', Ovidie, 'the feminist & intellectual of French Porn' signs 'Lilith', her 2nd movie for Marc Dorcel (with its stunning photography, cinematographic qualities & intensity, the film is instantly a huge hit). In 2002 Melanie Coste won Best Starlet at the European X Festival.


The following year, Marc Dorcel produces 'Le Parfum Du sir'. Directed by mischievous Angela Tiger, this movie is a rare erotic masterpiece, which gives nobility back to the genre of Pornography. One of the best sellers of the year, both in France and Europe, it proves that quality Porn can still pay the bills. This same year 'La Jouisseuse', a film directed by Alain Payet and produced by Marc Dorcel wins 7 awards at various European Awards shows. (2 times Best Film, 2 times Best Actress for Melanie Coste) and is nominated 2 times at the AVN Awards in Las Vegas. Game of thrones dutch subs nl. 2004 was another big year for Marc Dorcel. 'Rap Integral', the first big budget French Hip Hop XXX film featuring a handful of very famous French Hip Hop stars and produced by Marc Dorcel, is released.


France being the 2nd largest market for Hip Hop music after the U.S., this promises to be a huge hit. Directed by Herve Bodilis, Marc Dorcel launches the PORNOCHIC series. Made up of self-contained vignettes, this glossy, couple-orientated new hardcore series is beautifully shot and features some very good looking performers. (Best Series at Brussels' X Awards in 2005).

Priscila Sol, Marc Dorcel new exclusive actress, wins the Best Starlet Award at the Venus Awards in Berlin. With all of the success Marc Dorcel has accomplished through the years, time does not appear to slow anything down. In 2005, and once again directed by the king of French Pornochic, Herve Bodilis, Marc Dorcel launches the RUSSIAN INSTITUTE series. Featuring some beautiful young actresses, we follow the girls in a luxurious boarding school reserved for the cream of Russian youth.

Here, they receive one extensive education that is not necessarily the one their parents imagine! (Best Series at Brussels' X Awards in 2006).

Marc Dorcel Bimbo Club

Under the moniker 'BODY PROD by MARC DORCEL', Marc Dorcel launches its very first Gay Line. As always with Marc Dorcel, quality is here again on the menu. 'Guys Deluxe & Hardcore Action', indeed! In early 2006, Marc Dorcel TV is launched. And the story goes on.