Need For Speed Most Wanted Black Edition Cars Mods

When I recently reinstalled NFS: Most Wanted, I wondered if the game is able to be a look more visually appealing. Here is a screenshot before / after modifications: The first thing I discovered is “ NFSMW Resolution Changer“, small utility that allows to set any custom resolution of the game (originally maximum resolution was 1280×1024, no widescreen support). Resolution was big improvement for the game, but original textures looked stretched and blurry on HD screen. Fortunately user “FDen” did a great retexturing work and improved resolution of many textures in the game, so it looks awesome in HD now.

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The mod is called “ Modern Rockport“. To use it, you will need a DirectX texture replacement utility – Texmod. To combine both these methods of improving game’s graphics you need to run them both as follows: 1. Run the nfsmwres.exe resolution changer.

Run Texmod.exe (“Package mode”) 3. Choose “speed.exe” by clicking on the folder button on the top. Press the small Folder button in the middle and select “Modern Rockport 1.0.tpf” file 5. Run the game by pressing “Run” button in Texmod. Here is how you run the game: That way, the game will use new textures and HD resolution. I have mirrored all these tools here for download: NFSMW Resolution Changer: Texmod: Modern Rockport Texture Mod: Some scereenshots of modified game: This entry was posted in.

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Bookmark the. Install instructions:- 1) Download NFS Most wanted Game from any source 2) Download Patch 1.3 From here:- 3) Install Patch (it will install itself and update registry entries) 4) Download these files:- –NFSMW Resolution Changer– –Texmod– –Modern Rockport Texture Mod– Rockport 1.0.tpf 5) Place them in NFS MW folder (individually) 6) Open nfsmwres.exe and set your desktop resolution (check your desktop resoluton in desktop–properties) 7) Select v1.3 in nfsmwres.exe 8) Dont close nfsmwres.exe, now open texmod.exe. Indian ring size chart.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed Most Wanted Black Edition Cars Mods

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9) In target application select speed.exe from Most wanted folder 10) In package name select modern Rockport 1.0.tpf which you placed in Most wanted folder earlier 11) Click run from text mod 12) Wait for 1-2 mins (depends on the speed of ur hardware) 13) After blank screen for brief period of time your game will start in HD mode 14) Njoy game. 15) Disable antivirus before doing this.