Net Tools Lag Switch Ps3

Net tools 5 lag switchNet Tools Lag Switch Ps3Net

Pokemon black cheats rare candy. Because many people seem to not understand the concept of what is happening with a lag switch and net tools here is what is going on. LAG SWITCH: A Lag switch switch is placed on either the orange wire or green wire to stop packets from either being received or transmitted. It COMPLETELY stops the receiving or transmitting. The lag switch is the most efficient and best used for actual glitches. When the user 'flips' his lag switch his body is completely frozen where he 'flipped' the switch.

Net Tools 5 Lag Switch

Extreme Lag Switch-You don't need a Lag Switch, you need a Titan One! The Titan One is the best solution available to gain an unfair advantage over your opponents.

Now when you 'unflip' you either 'teleport' or people will see you boost out as if you were going 1000 mph. NET TOOLS: Net tools is designed for many different purposes but more commonly used for console lagging. Net tools sends tons of packets with pointless things such as 'Data' out of your router/modem causing it to drop all other priorities. This causes your character to lag very badly when using it.

Although sometimes it will completely stop the receiving or transmitting it more commonly just lags you where your body will 'teleport' from place to place randomly. This is not very good for glitching. For some people if they have an old modem or router when they use net tools to lag it may just crash there modem/router. If this happens to you just unplug the modem and router, Wait 30 seconds, Next plug in the router, Wait 5 seconds, Plug in the modem, Your internet should be back up now. Notice: When I had net tools my Anti-Virus picked up a trojan within it so I would not trust it. What is the Ip address i type in?

Net Tools Lag Switch Download (or something like that) It is just a random Ip your sending the packets to. What is 'Data' which I type in Data is just a random thing used to be sent within the packet. Thanks & Nominations is welcomed.