Pfuschers 4k Parallax Farmhouse Stonewall

Pfuschers 4K Parallax Farmhouse stonewall - 4K Parallax Skyrim by Pfuscher aka. Skyrim - ULTRA REALISTIC GRAPHICS MOD - TRU ENB Free.

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4k Parallax Bridges

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See for more information. Related Subreddits. Related Websites. (NSFW). For such a prominent architectural element, the farmhouse stone walls (the free-standing ones) always bothered me. There are some great retextures out there, but in the end, a (mostly) flat mesh is a mostly flat mesh. I re-did the walls so they are now actual stacked stones.

Yes, this means many more TRIs, and possibly a performance hit, so do your own testing. I didn't notice any loss on my system. Since the stones are individual now, the need for a parallax texture on the meshes is gone. Also, I have the texture wrapping, which means if you are ok with how it looks, you can (or i can if requested) scale the UVs, making it possible to use a 1k texture and achieve the visual quality of 2k or 4k. There are a few things I'd like to tweak still (better shape to the ivy, a moss decal, and a small fix to make before I throw it up on the nexus, but if anyone wants to play with it in the mean time.

Some screens. The 4th pic really shows the diff between the vanilla mesh(using Pfuscher's nice texture) and mine. These look incredible! I've always had such a bone to pick with the stone walls and it's been way beyond my skill to model a new mesh and really frustrating because of this. It's like a dream come true to see these (A bit over dramatic I know, but i'm super happy someone did this). For any who is wondering, Stonewall01 in vanilla has roughly 1045 polys and these new meshes have 5672, so roughly 5 times the poly count. Despite this, any modern system with a modern GPU won't notice very much performance loss.

Pfuschers 4k Parallax Farmhouse Stonewall

If you can run SMIM you can use these. Obviously if there is a mod that adds lot of these walls in a small space, it might hurt performance. My one complaint is because now there is one textures per stone and the UV scaling is how it is, the rocks look totally identical. Minor minor nitpick however. Regarding the polycount, I think i devised a way to cut the count by almost a third, with no loss in visual quality.

Should take too long to try. And yeah I def hear you on the uniformity of the stones, it's bugging the hell out of me too. I'm going to try and solve that with a decal mesh, we' see how it goes. Other things I'd like to do with this: Patch for enhanced landscapes.

It's a mod I use, and I like seeing more stone walls around. If I can get AceeQ's permission i'd like to upload a patch to his.esp that converts his custom wall mesh to mine, and also changes/adds some stone walls. Some of his placements are a little odd, from a realism perspective. I'd like to see those shitty walls you see in farms converted mainly.

I live in New England, and there are tons of super old stacked stone walls around that used to delineate borders between farmland. The ones Bethesda used look like a dragon ripped the cap off a city wall and dropped in a field.

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