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All Items Part 1 (Press SELECT) 94000130 fffb0000 022340a8 03840ac 03840b0 03840b4 03843c 022023d 0223434c 0384023e 022023f 022028 03840241 d20000 fffb0000 d500001 c00000f d603fac d400001 d20000 fffb0000 d500041 c00002e d603fec d400001 d20000 fffb0000 d500087 c00000c d6040b8 d400001 d200000 Press SELECT To Activate.

I think you need an action replay for whatever machine you are playing on, but on some of the older games on gameboy (gold and maybe silver?) if you give a Pokemon an item and put it on the computer and then change the box you're in, when it says 'saving, do not turn off the power', turn it off as the word 'power' comes up. When you turn it back on go back into the online box where you stored your Pokemon and there will be two off them, both holding whatever item you wanted to clone. You can also use this to clone your stronger Pokemon to save having to train a lot of them. This is complicated but works if you do it right.   You must have a Spheal, Corphish, Grovyle, Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Linoone in your party. Take the ferry from Lilycove to Slateport.

Mar 12, 2011 999 rare candy code? Pokemon Action Replay Forum Super Cheats Forums. 999 rare candy code? Pokemon Soul Silver (DS) Pokemon Black (DS).

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Talk to the Name Rater. Now fly to Ever Grande City.

Walk into the Pokemon League and walk right back out. Surf to Mossdeep.

When there, use your PokeNav to Match Call Flannery. Now fly to Fallabor. Go through the Fiery Path until you reach the boulder that can be moved with Strength. Move it out of your way. Now encounter at least three wild Pokmon. Walk out of the Fiery Path and back into it.

Pokemon Black Cheats Rare Candy

Hard to find candy

999 Rare Candies

Move the boulder again, but then walk out of the entrance that you didn't come in. Check your bag.

You should have 'Rare Candy x99' and the '99' will never drop no matter how many you use.