Poster Psd Templates

Poster Psd Templates

The best free psd flyer templates 2015 to change your new flyer design product to the extreme looks. Download these free Photoshop psd flyers which might suit you best. Download Best Free flyer PSD Templates latest 2016, easy to modify, change colors, dimensions, all text editable and using on marketing, advertising campains.

. 1. Photograph your cast Use a studio or other controlled environment. Set up flattering lighting with no harsh shadows.

Even if you decide to go for the popular brick wall background, your cast must glow with health and vitality. The safest bet is to photograph each cast member separately. This way you have more choice as to how you will position them later. Unless it’s a romantic comedy and you absolutely want to have your lovers touching in some way – Back-to-back being the most utilised (overused) position. Plan the scene. The poster should pitch the story of your film in a very VERY simple terms, i.e.

“Hipster is caught between an ample bosom and a rich bitch who walks around holding bird cages, as his dog does yoga.” Have each cast member (over) act out the appropriate thought / emotion. You can include some key props, weirder the better. (Our sample photos are from Bigstock.com. They are not included in the PSD template for copyright reasons. Also, you don’t need them.).

Movie Poster Templates Psd

2. Create the scene (and polish) Remove pimples, spit bubbles, scars and other imperfections.

Photoshop poster templates

If you’re not a Photoshop wizard but want to reach that proper flawless-but-not-plastic look, follow a good tutorial such as Bring your polished pics together in a correct size Photoshop file. Download the ONE SHEET (standard poster size) template on this page. It has the bleeds and crop marks, you don’t have to worry about those. This is the largest size you will need and can be easily scaled down to create various digital sizes later on. Create Your Movie Poster Using a Filmsourcing Template Whether you’re a Photoshop pro or a beginner, you can save hours and skip the boring setup work by using a poster template.

The Indie Poster Template and 70+ other filmmaking resources are available for Filmsourcing subscribers. Add your title Make it big and fat. To see some great open source font options, click the image.

Red and yellow are the safest color choices, along with black (or white on teal background). We’ve used a slight gradient and a light shadow / outer glow. Play around with 3D effects if you must, but avoid default ‘bevel / emboss’ filters on Photoshop. Instead, download some sophisticated actions,. Many of them are free and save you hours of trouble. Add one-liners No rules, except that they have to be funny.

Otherwise, this poster will fail. So no pressure. Go sit on the toilet and think.

. 1. Source / take a photo Make sure you’re getting a high enough resolution. Movie posters tend to be large. The industry standard size is called ONE SHEET (27 x 40″ / 686 x 1040mm).

What this means is that to reach the recommended minimum print resolution of 150 dpi, your image size would have to be 6300 x 4050 pixels. Make sure your camera is up for the job!

As for the subject matter, this is obviously determined by your film. Here are some ideas:. A low angle shot of a dark forest (where you shot the film). A low angle shot of a run down house (your main location). An eerily lit, expressionless photo of your lead actor. An extreme closeup of your lead actor’s eyeball or other body part (Our sample photo is by Martin Walls, from ). 2.

Make it unnatural Boost the dark tones and make sure the details pop. Reduce saturation to absolute minimum – or go for greyscale. When working with a human portrait, skin needs to be porcelain white and flawless. When the human canvas is good and ready, go nuts – mutilate it in Photoshop!

Flip the eyes around, exchange a mouth for an ear anything you like. It helps if it has something to do with the film. Surround it with black Download the Photoshop template available on this page. It is in the standard ONE SHEET size with bleeds and crop marks, ready for print. This is the largest size you will need. It is always easy to scale down for digital posters (templates available for ).

Bring your pic on the poster template. Add necessary masks and filters so that everything non essential around the edges is swallowed by black. Add grain / noise to make the gradients less ‘photoshoppy’.

Choose the appropriate color tint:. GREYSCALE if your film is based on “an unverified true story”. BLUE (caucasian corpse) if your film has technological or medical themes. GREEN (night vision goggles) if there is evil lurking in the forest. PALE YELLOW (old bone) if there is a serial killer. Use a gravestone font Type the title of the film under (or above) the photo.

The font you use should resemble the one seen on gravestones (Trajan, Minion, Centaur etc.) – unless your film is a pure splatter or has elements of comedy. In that case, you can go for the “smeared with blood” look. See the horror category on. Font color either white or red – or both if you want to use a different color for the log line. Add finishing touches Film scratches, more noise, poster folds or reddish discoloring on the edges.

These are especially handy if your original photo or subsequent photoshop work isn’t of the best quality. File format & size: Zipped PSD, 1.3 Mb Resolution: 150dpi Color space: CMYK (print ready) Print size: ONE SHEET (27 x 40″) Actual size: 28 x 41″ (with bleeds and crop marks) About the free download: File size has been optimized for light download; feature image removed, gradient pixelated.

Poster Psd Templates

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