Proplus.ww Proplsww.cab

组件丢失了 可以去控制面板里面 点击office 更改 选择第一个 然后 就下一步 安装(其实就修复下) 可以自己下载o7版的 这个.

  • Microsoft Office 2007 contains a file called 'proplus.ww proplsww.cab' that has been problematic for some users. During fresh installations of Microsoft Office.
  • 新建一个以数字(22)命名的文件夹,在这个文件 夹下新一个ProPlus.WW的文件夹,把ProPsWW2.cab复制 到ProPlus.WW下,然后让安装.

Finally understood your simple solution. The installer is asking for the Location parent folder for the Folder ' ProPlus.WW' and NOT for the location parent folder to the file ' propsww2.cab' Thanks TheSLX YESSSS! Just use (as an example). C: YourInstallFolder Office 2013 Professional Plus x64 (copy and paste path from Windows Explorer to the text box on the error dialog). Also, if ProPsWW2.cab is actually missing (which, in my case was missing), you will have to get it from the install CD (no, the installation does not copy this file intact; it is a cabinet file and all files are extracted from it during installation).

Proplus.ww Proplsww.cab Download

Manually Copy the File Step Insert the Microsoft Office installation disk. Download ct2 finance and financial reporting pdf. Step Disable the installation wizard. When the wizard pops up click 'Cancel.' Step Open Windows Explorer. Click 'Start,' 'My Computer.' Step Navigate to the file. Double-click the drive icon (usually 'D: '), and type 'proplus.ww proplsww.cab' in the search box.

Step Manually install the file. Right-click the file and select 'Install' if the option is available. If the option is not available or it returns an error message, click 'Copy.' Step Click 'Computer' on the left-side menu of Windows Explorer.

Step Restart the computer. Install the Software With Virutal Drives Step Download and install ISO ripping software from the Resources section. Step Rip the ISO image from the Microsoft Office installation disk. Insert the disk. Click 'Start' and then 'My Computer.'

Proplusww Msi Download


Right-click the disk icon. Select 'Create image from DVD.' Save the image to any directory. Step Download and install Daemon Tools Lite from the Resources section. Step Mount the ISO file. Right-click the 'Daemon Tools' icon in the system tray.

Select 'Virtual CD/DVD-ROM,' '1 Drive.' Right-click the 'Daemon Tools' icon again. Select 'Mount Image.' Navigate to the ISO and double-click it. Step Follow the installation instructions.