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AFKIM is back and better than ever sm-19 AFKIM is an (almost) universal messenger client for PSP (Supports: AIM, ICQ, MSN, GTalk, Yahoo!) I've also made some guides to hopefully help new people get started with AFKIM. Even if you've used it before, it would be worth giving the How To Use guide a quick read over. Getting Started Guide Quick How To Use AFKIM Guide The changelog for AFKIM3 is as follows: -3 Much better, more usable program. Works in OE kernel, DHCP ONLY CURRENTLY, not sure why static IP address doesn't work.


Faster display rendering (Keyboard lags less) Better wifi handling - User can rechoose which to connect to if connecting fails. Better menu system, lots more menu items. Away / Back - Remove Account - Reconnect to Wifi (No more quitting AFKIM to reconnect! Yay) - Get Buddy Details - Rename Buddy - Block/Unblock Buddy - Delete Buddy Fixes related to pressing buttons, menus now continue scrolling if you hold up or down. Better connection handling. Many many code cleanups Fix memory leaks (introduce a new known one) -2 and a bit Quit option. Ability to use start as well as X to go buddy select - chat.

FIX: Editting text box with space messes up display. FIX: Account details don't save sometimes. Smartdraw crack download. There are current 2 versions: - Experimental OE version, tested in game310 folder with OE 3.10', seems to not work in 3.03 - 1.5 Version, tested in game150 folder on OE 3.10' The OE Version works with WPA connections, you must use automatic network configuration however (DHCP).