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This document outlines how to catalog books using SerialMagic and Readerware.For specific questions about Readerware (not regarding SerialMagic), please contact Readerware with SerialMagic on Windows This document provides the setup procedure for using SerialMagic and a LaserChamp scanner to use with Readerware. Although the procedure is different depending on which package you have purchased, there are some common steps. In all cases, SerialMagic must be 'Started' and running in the background when downloading scans.

First, determine if you have a LaserChamp II, or the original LaserChamp. The original LaserChamp has a mechanical button, whereas the LaserChamp II has an electronic button, and is two-tone. If you have a LaserChamp II scanner, please download and print the the following document: If you have the original LaserChamp, please download and print the the following document: Next, determine if you have SerialMagic Professional or Plus, and follow the appropriate intsructions specific to your setup. SerialMagic Professional SerialMagic Professional in Bluetooth mode The only thing you need to be aware of, when in Bluetooth mode, is that SerialMagic and the LaserChamp are properly connected, and that the cursor is in the Readerware 'ISBN Upload' dialog box. See the for more help. SerialMagic Professional in Tethered mode (Cabled or Roaming) If you are using the scanner in Batch mode (memory mode) you must configure the scanner. The scanner is now configured.

Make sure 'Connection Type' is set to 'LaserChamp or Flic Batch' or '.Tethered' and hit Start. Before plugging in the scanner to download your batch of scans, make sure the cursor is in the Readerware 'ISBN Upload' box. (As soon as the scanner is plugged in it will begin to download the codes.) SerialMagic Plus SerialMagic Plus in Bluetooth mode If you are using a Bluetooth scanner with SerialMagic Plus, make sure that the scanner and computer are properly paired. Check the 'LaserChamp WinXP (SP2+) Bluetooth' option, and Start SerialMagic. SerialMagic Plus in Tethered mode (Cabled or Roaming) If you are using SerialMagic Plus with a tethered scanner in either Tethered, or Batch Mode, follow these instructions. ACK-NAK ENABLE Next, make sure 'Configure port for LaserChamp' and 'LaserChamp handshake simple' options are checked.

Start SerialMagic, and focus the 'ISBN Upload' box on Readerware before plugging in the scanner for download. Readerware Auto-Catalog Now that SerialMagic and your LaserChamp are properly configured, launch Readerware. In order to begin the cataloging process, go to Web Auto-Catalog from the menu.

Choose 'Amazon' and/or other sites to search, if desired, and click Next. From this screen, click on the 'Upload' option. Here is the ISBN input box. Make sure your scanner is configured properly, and SerialMagic is 'Started.' At this point, you can scan barcodes in real-time, or plug-in the scanner for Batch download. You should see the barcodes appear in the tex box.

Once finished, click Next. Follow through the Auto-Catalog Wizard. And You're Done! Click Finish to view the new additions to your catalog! For specific questions about Readerware, please contact For any questions regarding LaserMagic products, or to order, contact See the.