Resident Evil 5 Patch 2.0

ENBSeries Resident Evil 5 v1.2 patch. This version almost not have performance loss, fixed known game crashes in some combination of OS and videocard models. The original patch video I uploaded in January which Capcom took down xD.

Click to expand.Okay so I just downloaded the update 2.0 and it said something about creating a new saved data or something wasn't sure about it. At 1st, I pressed circle. Then another option came up so I pressed X and let it do whatever. Then my saved data is gone.

PlayStation 4

Resident evil 5 patch 1.02

Luckily I've got a back up save. So, I deleted the installed data with all the patches and everything.

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Xbox 360

Then reinstalled the game and copied my saved data (while signed off of PSN). Then I signed back on and downloaded the Patch HOWEVER this time I pressed the 1st option right away. It installed and my data was there. I'm still gonna post this so you all have a warning and that the new patch prohibits backing up your RE5 data. I don't know why Capcom changed that but you've been warned.