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This video covers the Introduction of our SAP BW course. We offer complete SAP BW Training (Business Warehouse)/ SAP BI Online Training. For complete course, please visit There are more SAP BW Tutorials available in complete course. SAP BW Training videos will help learning the module at your own pace.The best practice is to watch each video twice with the trainer and try to implement the same steps in your system. This way you will get a good grip in the module.

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COURSE CONTENT Introduction Introduction to SAP, Data Warehousing and Evaluation of SAP BW Overview of SAP NetWeaver BW i. SAP NetWeaver Architecture ii. Data Flow/Different Layers in SAP BW.

Basic Navigations in SAP BW iv. Activation of Business Content Chapter 3: Info Objects i.


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Types of Info Objects. Creating Info Area and Info Object Catalogue iii. Creating Characteristic Info Object. Creating Key Figure Info Object. Creating Unit Info Object. Advanced properties for Info Objects. Chapetr4: Data Store Objects i.

Introduction to DSO ii. Different types of DSOs iii. Creating Standard DSO iv. Configuring Standard DSO v. Creating Write Optimized DSO vi.

Creating Direct-Update DSO vii. Usage Scenario for DSOs Chapter5: Info Cubes i.

Introduction to Info Cube and extended star schema ii. Different types of Info Cubes iii. Creating Standard Info Cubes iv. Information about Dimensions, Fact table and Compression table v. Advanced options and properties in Info Cube Chapter6: Info Providers i.

Creation of Multi Providers ii. Creation of Info Sets iii. Creation of Semantically Partitioned Objects(SPO) iv. Creation of Hybrid Providers v. Creation of Transient Provider and Composite Provider Chapter7: ETL Process in SAP BW (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) i. Introduction to ETL capabilities in SAP BW ii. Creating Data Source iii.

Creation of Info Package iv. Creation of DTP (Data Transfer Process) v. Creation of Transformation vi. Overview about Routines vii. Loading Master Data from Flat Files to Info Objects viii.

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Loading Transaction Data from Flat files to DSO ix. Loading Data from DSO to Info Cube Chapter8: Data Extraction from Source Systems i. Loading data from SAP Source system to BW using standard Data Sources ii. Using LO Extraction iii. How to use COPA Extraction iv.

Creation of Generic Data Source in SAP ECC v. Data Extraction from Non SAP Sources using UD Connect and DB Connect Chapter9: Creating Queries using BEx Query Designer i. Introduction to BEx tools ii.

Creating a simple BEx Query iii. Creation of OLAP variables iv. Creating Filters v. Creation of Structures vi. Creating Selections and Formulas vii.

Creating RKF and CKF viii. Creating Conditions and Exceptions Chapter10: BEx Analyser and Report Designer i. Running queries in BEx Analyser ii. Creating Workbooks iii.

Local Properties and formulas in BEx Analyser Chapter11: Creating Applications using WAD i. Introduction to WAD (Web Application Designer) ii. Creating a simple Web Template using WAD iii. Different Web Items iv. Working with Commands Chapter12: Administration and monitoring in SAP BW i. Creating Process Chains ii.

Sap Bi Training Videos

Analysis Authorization iii. Aggregation iv. Compression v. Info Cube and DSO Administration Chapter13: Advanced Features i. Open Hubs ii.

Analysis Process Designer (APD) Chapter14: Transportation i. Transporting objects in SAP BW ii. Creating transport request iii. Collecting objects into transport request iv.

Sequence of objects and issues Chapter15: SAP BW powered by HANA i. Introduction to SAP BW powered by HANA ii. Different options to make SAP BW to SAP BW on HANA iii. Important programs to remember for SAP BW on HANA iv. In-memory Info Cube v. In-memory DSO vi. Importing SAP BW models into HANA as Analytic Views vii.

Sap Bi Training

Creating Transient provider on HANA Analytic View viii. Creating Semantic Partition objects (SPOs) ix. Introduction LSA and LSA architecture Chapter16: SAP BW and BO Integration i. BO Introduction ii. Integration Landscape iii. How to create OLAP Connection using IDT iv. Connecting to Web Intelligence v.

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Connecting to Explorer vi. Connecting to Crystal Reports 2011 and Enterprise vii.

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Connecting to Analysis Office for OLAP and MS Office viii. Connecting to Dashboards.