Standish Group Chaos Report 2009

Boston, Massachusetts, April 23, 2009 - New Standish Group report shows more project failing and less.

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Standish Group Chaos Report


Standish Group Chaos Report 2016 Pdf Download


New Standish Chaos report. Same results. The report shows a backwards trend in software success:. 32% Successful (On Time, On Budget, Fully Functional).


44% Challenged (Late, Over Budget, And/Or Less than Promised Functionality). 24% Failed (Canceled or never used) So, at the end of the day, we (as an industry) are still failing to successfullly build and deliver application software. What are the mains reasons? I would guess. Lack of Integrated Tools. Separation of Business and Technology.

Poor Team Communication. Tracking, Not Managing. Either Inflexible or Immature Process. No balance between Productivity and Predictability humm, the platform and the technology will not help you being more successfull (If it does, the report should had changed over the last 6, if not 20, years) Best practices and integrated toolset to support them could help.