Steam Badges For Number Of Games Owned

More information on badges and cards at Steam Trading Card Exchange. Amount of Games: Gem Maker. More Steam Treasure Hunt Wiki. Steam Trading Cards Group. To figure out how much XP you get for each game owned, based on the collector badges. Xp, x being number of games owned.

  1. Steam Game Collector Badges

Steam Game Collector Badges


Badge levels for game collector levels are below. The good news is that some of the levels match up really well for easy calculation of XP. The variable G below is for the number of games you have. This is only games that count toward your total (some F2P games don't, DLC doesn't, etc).

PLEASE keep in mind that since you cannot have fractions of a point of XP, the XP is rounded. If Valve is truncating instead of rounding, well, it would probably make the equations a bit more elegant or something, but this is enough work as it stands. I'm also basing this off the assumption that the constant in the equation for each badge is a whole number, which I think may be reasonable for a programming point of view. I really hate matrix operations.