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Oct 22, 2007 You try to download Greenfish-Subtitle. Is there English Subtitles patch for Summer Days Game? Are there any free programs or apps to create manga? Everlasting Summer. It is obvious STEAM banned this free game to have nudity in an form in order to milk the money. I might even download this nudity patch.

In the school the three people met. Their relation had been changed in the season, and turned into three love stories. Makoto has been admiring a girl he has seen on the train. That girl is Kotonoha Katsura, and he even managed to take a photo of her with his cell phone.


Due to new seating in his class, he ends up next to Sekai Saionji, a nosy, but sweet and sincere girl. As she snoops for his cell phone while talking to him, she discovers his crush and vows to help him until Kotonoha agrees to go out with him. When Sekai finally gets them together, she realizes her own feelings after finding out that the person Kotonoha liked was, in fact, Makoto. While waiting for her train next to Makoto, who was waiting for Kotonoha, she has him talking about how he can repay her for all of her help. Before leaving for her train, she kisses him and cries when she boards the way home. Kotonoha happily arrives for her date with Makoto shortly after. With all three main characters carrying different expressions on their faces, the story begins.

– Fixed bug that was causing widescreen mode to use the wrong resolution. – Modified game to use a single CPU by default.

This may significantly improve stability. – Opening movies now play in every episode after the first. – Fixed bug where sound disappears until you delete config.dat. – Fixed bug where skipping scenes skips choices. – Patched bug where skipping traps you on a blank screen. If this bug would trigger, it will now return you to the script it left instead of sending you nowhere. – Fixed various scripting and textual issues, including missing subtitles and rogue Japanese text.

Hi+everyone!+troubleshooting’s+here+to+solve+your+problems+ =Voice+Issue: Install+DirectX+again,+precisly,+you+need+both+D3DX943.dll,+D3DX942.dll+AND+(optional)+d3dx938.dll.+throw+then+in+game+folder. You+miss+these+files+in+your+DirectX+database,+using+Windows+XP/Vista+or+Windows+cant+find+these+files+in+your+PC =Start+Crashes: 1.+You+live+in+india/russia/some+other+country’s,+change+time+zone+to+american/mexico/england+and+time+to+00:00 2.+Your+are+running+windows+in+16+bit+color,+change+it+back+to+32+bit+color. =Random+Crashes laggy+game: 1.This2.Sound+driver+incompatible+update,+download+a+new+one,+try+to+play. 3.You+need+Japanese+App+locale+(haven’t+tested) 4.Play+as+administrator. =Download+Problems 1.+When+it+gets+99%,+it+crashes!+use+another+web+browser,+or+download+in+another+partiton,+your+disk+is+with+badblock.

Hi there everyone I have a very serious problem with the game and I tried to find a conclusion but after so many attempts I have failed. So the problem is, I was playing school days fine and it was working for 3 days. But after I attempted to play it. It wouldn’t lanch, I attempted to uninstall but it said ”You are attempting to start at DVD-ROM” and nothing happens. So I attempted to unintstall from the application itself. I would let me uninstall but it wouldnt actually uninstall.

After it ”uninstall” I would click install and it would pop out the uninstall button again. I would uninstall and then nothing would happen. This repeats non-stop. So I decided to unmount the virtual drive and just completely delete the game from my laptop. I redownloaded it again.

And when I start the application. It would lead to the same screen.

I would click game start and it wouldnt do notihng. I would uninstall and same problem. I’m not sure if the game itself is still in my lap top. I went to control panel and tried to find it so i can uninstall.


But it wasnt in there. If someone have any idea or solution of any kind. Please do let me know asap. Thank you very much. I’m having some trouble installing the game.

I’ve downloaded all the files, extracted them, then mounted the disk 1 file using daemontools. From there, I open the setup.exe file and it starts downloading. Then, it asks for disk 2, so I mount the disk 2 image. It contiues downloading, but then gets to 10409 MB complete, trying to install Packs Sys.Se.GPK and stops there. I tried just leaving it, nothing. I tried mounting disk 1, nothing.

Can someone help me here? Btw, I tried searching for that file in disk 2, and i found it.

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Is there just something wrong with the file? If so, holy crap, can someone please tell me which of the 49 downloads it’s in. I don’t want to have to download all of those again 🙁. I installed it in the game a long time ago, but then I wanted to uninstall it. Since I didn’t had the ISO files anymore and I couldn’t uninstall it via the control panel I simply deleted the folder where it was installed.

Now I want to play it again but everytime I want to install it it wants me to uninstall the game which it says is located in a folder which doesn’t exist anymore because I deleted it. If I then press uninstall it says completed and it lets me press the install button. But if I then choose where to install it and I press the install button it finishes within a second and the only thing it creates are 2 folders which are empty.

How can I fix this? Graphics good, Voice is good, animation is good, hentai scenes are decent, ending h scences are nice, plot is twisted/ dark and nerve wracking, protagonist is a(an) insert bad word or phrases.

Rating: overall i’d give it an 6 or 6.5/10, because it did somewhat hook me in & it’s fully animated. The protagonist once again makes the game very uneasy to play, the plot is very depressing, it has it’s ups and down but overall it’s still plain bad. I’d recommend atleast a single playthrough, the game is animated, which is rare. Unless there is a walkthrough, it’s nearly impossible to get 100%, but GL.

Hi, thanks for this game; but I have a problem with it, one time I install it and start to play( 5-6 months ago), today i want to play it but i can’t see the video but i can hear audio and see the english subs. After this i mount disk 1 and I play setup.exe for disinstall it, but when i click install and browse the folder after click install the program required me to disinstall it in the same folder where i install it the first time, and after click dinistall the installation didn’t start. Sorry for the trouble i cause you, if I din’t explain so well the problem is because i’m Italian and i don’t speack english so well; sorry.

I wish you can help me. Okay you lot, gonna look stupid, but I’ve finally found a solutiondunno if it works really well, thoughAnyway, time will tell! By the way, if someone’s interested, here’s what I did (very simple, actually): left click on the School Days HQ desktop icon, then go to the tab compatibility and check “Execute with admin rights”it should do the trick (at least it did for me). From what I’ve read, Windows 7 doesn’t allow you to write things on C:/, so you can’t save ’cause the game saves on its folder, or something like that. Well, I do hope this will help you!

Okay, I’m having a frustrating problem. So, this goes out to anyone who had been able to get the game to run. I downloaded, and got Disk 1 and 2. Used daemon tools, mounted second disk onto first, and it WAS going fine, but then it stopped at 9866 MB. I looked back in comments to see how to fix the problem, but someone said to download this ISO program. And as they said, put both Disk 1 and 2 into one folder. Then, tried to click the start up, but nothing is happening.

I’m sure this can be solved easily, so any suggestions I will take. Please, I need help.

Thanks for the installation tutorial I managed to get it work under Win7 x64. Because I have seen the original Anime series some time ago, I felt the game as somewhat boring experience. I think the main reason for this was the voice actors (and the fact that I’ve already seen the anime). In School Days anime series Hirakawa Daisuke did a great job being the voice of Makoto — vibrant and exciting voice filled with energy. Unfortunately I can’t say the same with the game where Makoto’s voice was phlegmatic, whimpy-like and boring. It felt like if I’d suddenly shout “BOOOOO!!” he would pee in he’s pants. Any ways the game itself was really confusing.

While playing the game, I felt that some scenes skipped illogically from one to another. To pick up few things: 1) From the start (in my first gameplay) I tried to avoid unnecessary contact / relationship with Sekai. When the story was nearing the end, Sekai was having a self-conversation where she evaluates Makoto’s love confession to her — which never happened during my gameplay. 2) Sekai, Kotonoha, Taisuke and Makoto arrived to the swimming pool. Out of nowhere Sakai is suddenly patching Makoto’s injury.

Well, for a conclusion to my post, the game ain’t bad – on the contrary: it’s well done and the aspect of being a visual novel with real anime scenes it is something you should at least try. Thank you so much for the game! I enjoyed it! What the heck! Thc hydra windows 7.

This game tragic endings are all insane in every way, who the hell want to have a girlfriend can kill in the gruesome way like cut her rival in love neck, push someone toward a train, stab her love one, disembowel a girl to prove that girl pregnant or not, and cut her love one head to make it easy to carries. Both heroines are maniac bitches!!! It make my breakfast have a bad taste. For anyone who still playing or downloading if you don’t like the gruesome scene read a walkthrough and avoid tragic ending. PS: For someone who think that I’m naive: I already known it used to happened in real life but give me a break! This is eroge not real life. Eroge make people feeling relax not feeling want to vomit.

(Im a Vietnamese so my grammar is very bad). Please enlighten me!

I don’t know why someone want to play a eroge with heroine can kill like a maniac just because jealousy. In my opinion, I never ever ever want to have a girlfriend can to something like that.

If you want to experience something like that do it in the REAL-LIFE. In some way both heroine and protagonist can be considered as friend but they can butcher each other like that. It’s nut, totally nut!!!

I play eroge to enjoy something like joy, romance, sympathy and every positive emotion I barely can have it in the real-life, and this game give us something shitty and bloody like that. Answer me Crunchy do you want you or your girlfriend be killed like that.

Calm Down Seriously. Personally I Enjoy This Game For Having Them Endings, It Makes It Much More Of A Challenge. And I’m personally Okay when a Eroge/Visual Novel Does Something With A Real Life Standards/Rules (Because It Get Quite Boring When Its Just Joy And Etc. Not Saying Them Games Aren’t Okay Or Boring. I’m Just Saying Its Pretty Meh And Blandish When Your Playing Too Much Of One Type. That is Why I Mix It Up A Bit Oftentimes.) It’s Understandable If You Do It To Escape Life (I Pretty Much Do It Because I Love The Stories And Artwork And Would Like To Do My Own One day.) Alright I am going to be honest.

I got a good ending on my first try. (No saving, No Walk through. ) So you have to be pretty bad, don’t have any sense or rational judgement and be blind of a girl’s feeling, doing it out of curiosity or for fun or too 100% it to get a bad end in this game really. So if you had reached a part where the characters are butchering each other and etc blame yourself not the Eroge/Visual Novel. Because This Is A Pretty Good One. The Story Is Decent, The Art Is Just Fine And Cute, The Flow Of Events Are Well Done, The Music Is Just Great, And It Must Of Have Been A Really Hard To Animate Most Of This. I know everything you said is true I play it 10 times and I get all good ending but due to curiosity I use walkthrough to unlock all CG faster and after tried 2 tragic endings it make me want to think: like hell I’m gonna date that kind of girls(both heroine).

I fast-forward 3 another tragic ending and it make me a urge to vomit. Before that I already have 5 good endings but after saw all tragic ending, it make me lost my will to finish all ending. Personally, when I’m 7 years old I already seen a girl butchering her friend because of jealousy like that in front of my eyes and it give me a trauma until now. I very upset when I saw that screen again in eroge where i escape a real life. And I just hate the part that friend butcher other friend and even the one who survives their life are all ruin. I have a few` questions(btw the game is working great i have no problems at all:D)) so the questions are: 1:what does the route map mean? How do i read it or understand those lines and dots 2:the walkthrough for the game is all wrongive tried to use them for the tragic endings as well as other endings but i get a completely different thing and the choices i am presented with dont match up to what is posted there (for example if it says 1, 2, 1, 2 i am only presented with 1, x, x, 2 ) i downloaded the torrent a few days ago.so if anyone can clear this up i’d be glad.

The map route shows you how many endings you’ve cleared, and scenes you haven’t seen yet. It’s pretty useful to go back if in your route if you need it (but cant step forward so dont screw it going back without saving) aaaand well the walkthrough does not work since its meant for the original version and this one is the HQ. BUT read the comments at the bottom of the walkthrough page and you’ll find comments with complete walkthrough to follow.

(i used the one posted by “SirHenry” at the page 2 in the comments and i can say that is 110% accurate) well that’s it right? If you have any problems with the game check the trouble shooting page below the walkthrough link.

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Have fun and make Saionji happy first lol. Route A First Story (Timeout) (Timeout) Second Story (Timeout) (Timeout) Sekai Should Come after all I’ll take it Not Really (Timeout) You mean the kiss? I’ll tell her next time I’m sorry!

【Save1】 (Timeout) Third Story We should tell her We don’t have to tell her after all We have something to tell you Let’s go home together (Timeout) Morning! 【Save2】 (Timeout) Fourth Story Not Bad (Timeout) No (Timeout) That outfit is so cute 【Save3】 (Timeout) (Timeout) Fifth Story Not Sure Morning Yeah (Timeout) Sixth Story (Timeout) She’s not my girlfriend (Timeout) 【Save4】 Push her away I Love You END Loaded From Save 4 Episode 6 (timeout) Forever END Loaded From Save 3 Fourth Story I’ll think about it (timeout) Fifth Story (timeout) 【Save5】 Apologize (timeout) (timeout) Shall we Watch? This is arousing Kuruda and I 【Save6】 I Love you too! Sixth Story Do I Love Her? Call her over Yeah I’m glad you did Call out to Kotonoha I spoke with Sekai on the phone Sure All Hers END Loaded from save 6 Fifth Story (timeout) Sixth Story (timeout) 【Save7】 Come Outside Everyone’s Makoto END Loaded from save 6 Sixth Story (timeout) Sex friend END Loaded From Save 5 Fifth Story (timeout) give up Sixth Story 【Save8】 Probably (timeout) Goodbye Sekai END Loaded From Save 8 Sixth Story Yes Setsuna’s Feelings END Route B Loaded From Save 2 Third Story Am I afraid that Kotonoha will hate me? I’m really glad i’m not japanese, cause I didnt have to pay to play this slapdash game (sorry if the expresssion is wrong, I’m french).

Because they put animation in this game, they must have thougth it was okay to make it so ugly you can barely watch it. The characters’ movements lack far too much realism; their expression NEVER go accordingly to the situation (nearly all tear-jerking moment are failure cause there is no change of expresssion). Futhermore, the voice-acting is really bad. All those thing make the game not so enjoyable, especially on scene charged with emotions and sex scenes,cause they are real mood-killers. I begun the game, so I’ll finish it, but I really dont recommend it to other. Downloading this messed up game is just a waste of time and computer memory. Good day to all of you.

Nah i just download it for the sake completeting my english list VN. Actually i have and finish playing the JAP version of this game long time ago, even the SQ version.

Official english vn is considered rare because how few they are, so not downloading it because you already have the another version is just lame:P, and i have all the eng vn that ever comes out so it’s another reason for me to get this game @@. If you want vn that have nice cg and awesomeness try “Full Metal Daemon Muramasa” i’m not even japs but i can read it RAW. Sorry if this isn’t the place to ask about the game, but I can’t find any active forum for it.

But is this game’s story broken? I ask this because there’s so many things that are wrong when I’m playing. I focused 100% on katsura, being normal friends with sekai, never even once giving a reply that hinted that makoto had feelings for sekai. Now in episode 5, sekai’s getting really depressed, and in a scene she says to herself: “I’m such an idiot. He told me that he loved me And I love him too” and so on.

That never happened O.O The game just keeps assuming makoto is cheating on sekai when I never made a single choice towards her. So is the game just glitched like that for everyone? LOL something like that happened to me! I was on route C (where Makoto starts these “gentle approaching classes” with Sekai) and well they just make their way and enjoy themselves but around Chapter 5 there’s a scene where makoto is talking with Sekai and she says something like “so you would never cheat Kotonoha with another girl even if this girl ask you to have sex with her?” and he’s like “no i wan’t my first time with the person i love” (well something like that)and she answers “so you still haven’t done it yet” just read that and think LOL!

But he already lost his virginity Sekay WITH YOU!! Are you fucking kidding me?!

You two had sex who knows how many times! Seriously WTF? You both got mutual amnesia or something?! Maybe they came so hard their brain just burned i dont know but yea this kind of nonsense lines are everywhere, someone says that did something and that thing never happened on that route. I guess it’s helpless. Yay I’ve been waiting for this for some time now.

I’ve had the Japanese version for a while and have played through all endings, but now I’ll finally be able to play a translated version, and be able to get a better understanding. Luckily since School Days is full voice and all animated, it was much easier to understand the Japanese version than a game like Sukisho, in which it’s all text and no voice. I know J-List is probably all upset about how fast this got pirated, but don’t worry J-List, I love you guys and once I have the funds, I will be buying this for real.

Was to lazy to continue walkthrough i am like 95% finished with it but here is the otome route (skip) MEANS RIGHT CLICK OR WAIT Episode 1 Skip (Right click) Skip Episode 2 Skip Skip Sekai Should come after all Ill take it Not Really Skip You mean the kiss Ill tell her next time Im sorry No! Okay, it’s official; I freaking love admin.

The game’s working great for me. There were only a few minor annoyances I had to figure a solution for. I feel obliged to share my discovery, in case someone else hasn’t fixed you guys’ problems already. If your game freezes, this is what worked for me: 1. Always delete the CONFIG.dat file before launching the game.

If you want to play full screen, that works, but you’ll have to change the settings every time you start the game (it’s windowed by default), since you delete the config file over and over again. My game freezes if I don’t delete the config file, so this step is necessary. If you play on full screen and want to save the game, pause, then window the screen and save. After you’ve saved, you can go back to full screen. This prevents freezing. Saving on full screen works sometimes, but I wouldn’t take the risk.

I hope this helps. Also, as I mentioned, these are only minor annoyances, and are easy to live with, since the game’s so damn good. Thank you again, admin, for letting us enjoy this masterpiece. Has someone tried playing this on a laptop or netbook? I remember seeing some guy say something about this game not working to well with laptops, maybe cause its animated? I mean I have a netbook with decent specs and the only time I’ve really ever had a problem playing eroge on this thing was with kamidori, and thats only when I play on a big map with a lot of enemies, but when I turn off the fighting animation its still a little laggy but not too bad.

I just don’t want to go and download all of this just to find that its so laggy that I can’t even play it lol. Here is a little demo Prais me of the walkthrough Route A Episode 1 Skip (Right click) Skip Episode 2 Skip Skip Sekai Should come after all I´ll take it Not Really Skip You mean the kiss I´ll tell you next time I´m sorry (SAVE 1) Save here save before you chose skip skip Episode 3 We should tell her We don´t have to tell her after all We have something to tell you Let´s go home together Skip Morining!

(Save 2) Skip Episode 4 Not bad Skip Not Skip That outfit is so cute (Save 3) Skip Skip Episode 5 Not sure Morning Yeah Skip Episode 6 Skip She´s not my girlfriend skip Save 4 Push her away. Route A Full route A Route B will come out tonight by 8 pm germany timer Episode 1 Skip (Right click) Skip Episode 2 Skip Skip Sekai Should come after all I´ll take it Not Really Skip You mean the kiss I´ll tell you next time I´m sorry (SAVE 1) Save here save before you chose skip Skip Episode 3 We should tell her We don´t have to tell her after all We have something to tell you Let´s go home together Skip Morining! (Save 2) Skip Episode 4 Not bad Skip Not Skip That outfit is so cute (Save 3) Skip Skip Episode 5 Not sure Morning Yeah Skip Episode 6 Skip She´s not my girlfriend skip Save 4 Push her away LOVE END Loade from save 4 Episode 6 Skip Eternaly End Loade from Save 3 Episode 4 I´ll Think about it Skip Episode 5 Skip (Save 5) Apologize Skip Skip Shall we watch? This is arousing Kuruda and I (Save 6) I love you too! Episode 6 Do i love her? Call her over Yeah I´m glad you did Call out to Kotonoha I spoke with Sekai on the phone Sure The Him Only for Her END Loade from Save 6 Episode 5 Skip Episode 6 Skip (Save 7) Come outside Mina and Makoto END Loade from 7 Episode 6 Skip Sex friend END Loade from 5 Episode 5 Skip Give Up Episode 6 (Save 8) Probably Skip Sekai End Loade frome Save 8 Episode 6 Yes Setsuna´s Wish End Walkthrough by getaway280.

“Someone said that it’s because of the.NET Framework 3.5. You can find it on Disc 1 and install it, but there should be much need to do it on Windows 7 since it has it installed by default (unless you turned it off for some reason.

If you did, go to Control Panel - Programs and Features - on the left side click “Turn Windows features on and off” and see if Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5.1 is checked). After that, delete the config.dat file inside your game folder, run it again and see if it freezes in full screen again.” Taken from School Days installation help/problem troubleshooting It fixed my screen freezing problem for me. Some endings are right, some are wrong, because there are new choices in some routes. While this isn’t exactly your problem, could you try doing the method described with your error as described below. Just switch the error pack in this post to the one you are having trouble with. Would like to see if that works.

“people are telling me they get stuck on installing the Movie02.gpk and Movie03.gpk. If it happens to you just extract the files from the disc named “packs” itself into the installation folder Overflow SchoolDaysHQ packs. Its ok to overwrite it. And just copy the packs folder contents from disc 2 into the packs folder.”. Gosh This is an excellent release right here. Definately the most drama-filled VN I’ve personally ever played.

Even when you think things might settle down, it doesn’t. It never ever stops with the drama.

If you somehow “resolve” one problem, another pops up the next second. HOWEVER, that’s not a bad thing, because it’s the main course for this game. The drama is its purpose, and it definately has quality drama. It has certainly disturbed me so far, but that’s a good thing, no? Just like how a scary game/movie is supposed to scare you, this drama is supposed to worry/disturb you. By the way, this is coming from someone who hasn’t played the normal VN or seen the anime, so I never knew what to expect. This is the game I’ve been waiting for and I can’t wait to play it.

However, the torrent link sends me to some suspicious adfly website that wants me to download a dl manager. I try to skip it, but the SD torrents don’t seem to be actual torrents, because they don’t have the icon, and won’t open in any program. I know this site is reliable, and I’m super grateful that you got this awesome game here so fast, but recently you’ve been putting torrent links that are nice and easy to use. That’s not the case now. Can you do something here or tell me if downloading the dl manager is really necessary?

The most popular kid in school - now celebrating over 5 MILLION downloads! The story goes that Hard Time's prison has closed down and re-opened as a high school, but the challenge to survive and thrive remains the same! Live every hour of every day in real-time - from getting out of bed in the morning to attending a timetable full of classes, as you explore a city filled with interactive props. Picking up knowledge from each class helps you answer real questions in 10 different subjects, as you work towards the grades you need to graduate.

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And unlike the sims with numerous micro purchases, just ONE small payment unlocks the whole game for life. BASIC CONTROLS: In-game tutorials explain in more depth, but the basic controls are as follows: A = Attack (on its own to aim low, with a direction to aim high) G = Grapple / Throw object R = Run P = Pick-Up / Drop (with a direction to prioritize objects, without to prioritize furniture) T = Taunt (interact with props) OTHER CONTROLS - Press ATTACK and RUN together to launch a powerful attack. Press any button with any direction (or none) in a grapple to trigger different moves (as in Wrestling Revolution). Press RUN and PICK-UP together to set fire to a small object (which can then be used to set fire to a large object). Touch the clock or health meter to pause the game for more options. Tap the speech bubbles to speed through conversations.

PERFORMANCE - If you find your device struggles to display lots of characters, considering keeping the 'Population' option low. 'Speed Up Frame Rate' sleeping will require good performance, so consider leaving it on 'Speed Up Clock'. Head to the 'Display' options to tone down other features. To learn more about this and other games, join the debate at: www.facebook.com/MDickieFans @MDickieDotcom.