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Welcome to the Home of the Georgia Stars 12u! Congratulations to the Georgia Stars 12u finishing in 2nd Place in the Southern Sports 2017 'Fall Finale'Tournament Event! Congratulations to the Georgia Stars 11u winning 2nd Place in 2017 Grand Slam Hobgood Spring Shootout! Congratulations to the Georgia Stars 11u winning 2nd Place in the 2016 Forsyth County Fall Frenzy Sunday Only Event! Congratulations to the Georgia Stars 11u winning the Southern Sports 2016 Fall Event 'Sunday Only' Blue Division Championship! Congratulations to the Georgia Stars 10u with finishing in 2nd Place in the Division III Bracket 2016 Triple Crown Forsyth County Fireball Tournament Event!

Congratulations to the Georgia Stars 10u with finishing in 2nd Place at the 2016 Battle at the Branch Tournament Event! Competing has become somewhat of a lost art for this generation of baseball players and one that I hear from many college coaches that is a characteristic they are searching for in their future athletes. Nowadays, more often than not, competings is a quality that is having to be taught, instead of being innate.'

Parents and coaches. Let your child (athlete) take responsibility for their actions - they own them. Challenges, disappointments, loses and bad decisions are a very real part of life. Athletics is a great arena to experience and learn from these, if adults let them. Our choices are to let them be responsible and grow or to excuse, enable and blame others. Letting them be responsible speeds up maturity. If they don't learn to take responsibility, they learn to excuse themselves, quit or always be a victim.

Raise strong kids!!! God, grant me wisdom to tell a strike from a ball; To know where to throw and never fall.

Keep me always in the base line running straight and true; And I'll look for your sign to stretch one into two. God give me vision to see every pitch; So if a player needs help then I will see which.

2017/2018 Team Georgia Baseball Academy Coaches. Founder and President of Team GA Baseball and Softball Academy, Coach McRaney has a. Lady Vipers Softball, Loganville, Georgia. The girls had a blast and want to challenge other 10u teams with their head coach to come try to. Georgia Fastpitch Softball Travel Teams 10u-18u. Welcome to the GEORGIA fastpitch softball travel team listing pages. Here you will find team listings from 10u to 18u.

Let me always hustle so I'll be at my best; And take pride in myself in sports and the rest. God be my strenght when I throw the ball; When I'm far from home plate or against a wall.


So I never miss a base, please guide my feet; Bring me home safely so my job is complete. When I help younger players, let me always give praise; So they'll see you in me in all of my ways. God please guide our coaches to be fair and smart; To teach us to be good, let it come from his heart. Let me take a loss just as well as a win; To do any less is surley a sin.


As long as I can play, let me make my parents proud; As proud as I am, when they yell My name out loud. However my games end, let me always have fun; And if Heaven has All Stars, I want to be one. When my games here are over, and my seasons are done; Let me play on your team, just like your Son.


Georgia Stars Sponsors The Georgia Stars players, coaches and families are honored and excited to have Mr. Hank Aaron and Mr.

Brian Jordan as supporters of the Georgia Stars. Hank Aaron - retired MLB baseball player whose career spanned from 1954-1976, is widely considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time. The Braves all-time runs and hits leader, “Hammerin’ Hank” made the All-Star team every year from 1955-75 and won three Golden Gloves.

Team Georgia Softball Tryouts

An inductee in the Hall of Fame in 1982, he was also one of the first minorities in MLB upper-level management, where he continues to play a major role in the management of the Atlanta Braves as Senior Vice President. He works tirelessly to form programs in the MLB that encourage the participation of minorities in baseball, and 16 years ago he and his wife, Billye Aaron, founded the Hank Aaron Chasing the Dream Foundation to help underprivileged children accomplish their goals. The MLB gives the Hank Aaron Award annually to the best overall hitter in each league. Aaron was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Brian Jordan - former All-Star player with the Atlanta Braves and an All-Pro selection with the Atlanta Falcons; Emmy award-winning sports analyst for FOX Sports South; lead analyst for both the Atlanta and Gwinnett Braves; founder of the; speaker; author; and humanitarian. Please contact our coaches.

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