Violin Crack Repair

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Double bass repair & double bass restoration featured at the online String Repair portfolio. An inside view of Upton Bass String Instrument Co.' S Instrument Repair & Restoration Workshop. StringRepair.com was created to better display our double bass repair & restoration capabilities to work in conjunction with UptonBass.com UB String Instrument Co. Offers world-class repair of all instruments in the violin family.

Figure 4

How To Repair a Violin. The Learning Center. If your violin does crack try not to polish it until the cracks are repaired.

Cosmos designstar manual. Save the files as an IGES and just open the IGES in Design Star. They have some pretty good tutorials that you can follow. We use ProE with Design Star.

Violin crack repair clampsViolin Crack Repair

Located in historic Mystic, CT, one mile off exit 89 on I-95, Upton Bass String Instrument Co. Is one of the premier shops in the world dealing with the special needs of the double bass as well as violin repair, viola and cello repair. Please contact us for your free repair or restoration consultation. Violin Cracks. By admin. January 27 So Many Cracks This poor old violin had seen better days. A past repairman caused many micro cracks when the top was forcefully removed.


The repair that had been done, a center seam crack that was shimmed, has now failedas well as most of the micro cracks have now become full blown cracks. We began by just taking things a part to see how much damage was really there. The more we dugthe more we found. 14 cracks with a total distance of 39.5 inches!!! Roughly 30 cleats, an eyebrow patch and a sound post plate were needed to get the top back together.

Also, the end block was split in two. The break was clean, so we decided to re-glue it rather than to replace it to help keep costs down. In the end this is a great little violin that will make the owners happy for years to come.