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Jan 18, 2017 Whackhead Simpson is aware that the 2013 Ford Kuga has been recalled. He calls someone who has advertised his 2013 Ford Kuga for sale to make a deal.

Darren 'Whackhead' Simpson Born Darren Simpson ( 1977-04-19) 19 April 1977 (age 40) South Africa Residence Cape Town/Johannesburg, Nationality South African Other names Whackhead Occupation Radio show presenter, comedian, phone prankster Employer (, ) Known for Radio phone pranks, stand-up comedy Spouse(s) 'Samantha Teixeira' Website Darren 'Whackhead' Simpson (born 19 April 1977) is a radio presenter (as of 2015 ) working for, a broadcasting company that broadcasts and in South Africa (Among others). Since Monday 2 August 2010, Simpson hosted 94.7's morning show Breakfast Xpress. The show was previously hosted by under the name The Rude Awakening. The Breakfast Xpress Team changed time slots with Anele Mdoda and the 947 Drive Team on the 3rd April 2017 and now runs under the name 947 Xpress Drive. As of January 2018, Simpson will be leaving the 94.7 Drive Team to host the 94.5 KFM Breakfast Show. He will be handing over the reigns to Greg and Lucky. Simpson's prank call slot titled Wackhead's Window on the World remains in place on both in, and (hosted by ) in.

His are available for on a daily basis by the radio stations. He has also co-starred with Mansfield on the show, Laugh Out Loud. On Monday morning, 2 February 2010, at approximately 07:15, Simpson announced his engagement to Samantha Teixeira. The wedding took place on 25 September 2010.

Contents. Biography Darren was born on 19 April 1977, in, South Africa. On 25 September 2010, Simpson married his wife, Samantha. His morning show, The Breakfast Express, moved from the morning time slot to the afternoon time slot. This change was implemented from the 3 April 2017. Darren had planned to resign from the show, but arrangements were made for the change of times. Tom Cruise scam On 27 January 2009, Simpson scammed Australia's radio breakfast duo, and, making them believe that they were interviewing about.

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The Australian show had ridiculed some of Darren's pranks in the past and Simpson had been planning the prank for about two months. Once on air, Darren announced that they had been scammed and congratulated the cricket team on their victory over the Australian side on the day before. The Australian station, had spent approximately 150 000 on advertising the interview in the preceding weeks. Simpson commented that the entire prank cost him about 60 for the phone call. Personal life Darren loves sport, comedy, Abercrombie and Fitch and Portuguese anything. He hates rain on a golf day, and laziness. He is absolutely terrified of snakes, and has stated that if he ever comes in contact with a black mamba snake, he will die on the spot.

His special talent is maths. He got a distinction for maths in Matric. Discography Since 2004, Whackhead has put together a yearly CD compilation of his pranks, as heard on 94.7. Following is a list of all his releases, as of 2011: Best of Whack Heads's Prank Calls, The Released: 2004 Number of Discs: 1 Oh My Greatness Hits!

Released: 2005 Number of Discs: 2 Serial Prankster Released: 2007-11-05 Number of Discs: 2 This is the first album to offer bonus tracks from its official website. Off the Hook Released: 2008 Number of discs: 2 Thrown in the Deep End Released: 2009 Number of discs: 2 Phowned Released: 2010 Number of discs: 2 Epic Fail Released: 2011 Number of discs: 2 References. ^ Presenters: et al. The Rude Awakening. Johannesburg, South Africa. 70 minutes in.


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